Purple Lagerstroemia flowers bloom to welcome summer season in Hanoi

Nga Do
Summer comes, it is time to appear purple passion flowers bloom Lagerstroemia around the streets of Hanoi. Apparently, Hanoi on these days, becoming brighter by the sweet purple in summer sun. On the streets as Kim Ma, Van Cao, Taurus …, these inflorescences Lagerstroemia blooming passionate purple. Under the canopy is the image of the coy girl, shaping and purple blooming along with the steering.

In early summer, streets in Hanoi are carpeted with purple color of elegant lagerstroemia flowers. For a long time, streets with lines of purple lagerstroemia trees have become popular with Hanoians. Its flowers appear in such a short period of time that some people may not have a chance to feel.

Lagerstroemia looks pretty much the last 4 seasons, each season a characteristic appearance can not be mixed. Lagerstroemia straight shape, canopy spread, green leaf oval and seasonal shedding. Late autumn, leaves, red fall out, leaving only bare stems and dried fruit scattered. Last winter, rigid stalk, hunt again. Looking almost dark trunk tree windy exhaustion. Grilled and yet very sturdy wooden mausoleum, no mysterious insects, used for much good also. Yet when the spring, the dry stalks Bangladesh key fracture filled with dry fruit extract bouncing purple young shoots greasy.

When incipient summer, leaf Lagerstroemia cool blue eyes moved. Lagerstroemia for shade and beautiful flowers. Into summer, the clusters of purple flowers blooming specifically shaped tower filled with flame shoots. Each flower has six petals. But look Lagerstroemia ball went unnoticed see sepals, stamen wing was, we only see the valley with huge mausoleum is rising up in the middle of blue sky, sunshine.

School grounds and around the roads of blooming purple flowers in the steering, the steering wheel is not fragrant, but not so that calm nostalgia, flower color and tenderness can not. Since long, the steering wheel was man to be unfaithful flowers, purple innocence of first love symbolize the pristine purity of old school games. Purple flowers witnesses memories imprinted pupil. Lagerstroemia have variety but my favorite flower species Lagerstroemia purple water with crimson, purple gently soothe the soul, take me back to memories of their school days and alleviate nostalgia.

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