Unique architectural works Stone church in Nha Trang

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One of the most beautiful places in Nha Trang was the stone church is located at a height of 12 meters in the middle of the city center.


Stone Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Christ the King, this is a Catholic church, many visitors from domestic and foreign, to visit and take pictures, because it is a cultural and historical projects in Nha Trang, the church was built during the French style architecture, very beautiful so attract a lot of tourists visit.

It’s located 19 Nguyen Trai Street, Phuoc Tien ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Right downtown Nha Trang city, near Ave Maria Square.

Unique architectural works Stone church in Nha Trang
Photo by The Erica Chang
History of Stone Church

In 1886: A French priest named Louis Vallet responsible to take care parishioners in Nha Trang areas, He intends to build a church for the parish and the parish established in Nha Trang.

September 3, 1928: the church is built on a small mountain called Cotton mountain, mountains with elevations of 12m,  to the flat surface on top of the mountain to build the church, the French have to spend 500 bombs to create a ground to build a church on the summit.

March 1930: After two years of construction works have been completed include all items such as: the church, the road up the mountain, kitchen, maid’s house, warehouse, stairs from main street go up, .. finally house of Parish.

February 12, 1933: King Bao Dai’s visit with religious works this monument.

May 14, 1933: the holy ceremony of Jeanne D’Arc, the church was consecrated and inaugurated. Father Louis Vallet chooses Christ the King a patron of the Cathedral.

October 24, 1945: Father Louis Vallet passed away, he was buried below the cliff next to the road to church.

June 10, 1987: the cliff along the main road to the church is made in where the ashes of the dead were unloaded from the parish cemetery under the decision of the State.

From 1987 until now: the church has a small edits mostly added to the statue, fix up the church path, reinforced foot of the mountain.

Architecture of Stone Church

Church of stone bearing the Gotic church architecture with 3 distinct parts, the bottom part is the door, the middle part is the big round window with stained glass adorn the roses; the top part is a corridor and two bell towers. The unique features of the cathedral are the bronze bell hanging on the bell tower. This is the bell ringing by the famous company of France Bourdon Carillond manufacture and supply. During a visitation trip in February 1933, Emperor Bao Dai has visited the works being completed. At that time, the bronze bell in France was transported to hang on wooden tower. On the bell tower there is one big clock, 4 facing the four directions.

Most prominent of  the Cathedral Rocks is the main church. Step through the main entrance door, you will find a vast space, spacious and filled with light. The most striking feature of Gothic architecture in this place was the zone shaped curved arches, wide, pointing at the sky. Decorations using line segments, which are arranged in harmony, creating beauty simple but equally solemn. 14 tribulations (the crucifixion of Jesus) are simulated by the paintings on the walls.

Besides that, in order to efficiently exploit the sun of both East and West, the designers had to mount various types of glass in blue, red on the door surround, door’s roses. All have created a beautiful scenery and soothing, calming atmosphere inherent solemnity often found in places of worship. Altar area is an open space, the stained-glass picture here create dazzling beauty and elegance. Stone Church has been present for more than 80 years in Nha Trang. Stand faraway look back, it felt like an ancient Roman castle. For parishioners at TP. Nha Trang, Stone Church has a very important position, they come here to pray God for the gift.

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