Beautiful places to play paragliding in Vietnam

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Paragliding is a new adventure sport was introduced in Viet Nam in recent years. Vietnam has much potential to develop and promote paragliding since it has very supportive weather, topographic diversity and magnificent scenery from north to south. The people of Viet Nam ever contemplate the international paragliding flying in My Dinh stadium on the opening day Sea Games 22, and the dream to fly in the sky have actually come up easier with every one.

Paragliding is a sport adventure should require mandatory safety is leading to a full helmet, belts though, the radio, the technical mastery take off and landing under the guidance of a coach. However, the weather conditions, especially wind changes constantly, some Pilots landed in corn fields or ditches close to the large space, quite far from the landing point.

Beautiful places to play paragliding in Vietnam
Photo by Cuong Art
The moderately high hill, with clear skies, wide to fly supposedly the ideal location for those who choose to place Paragliding take off. Because in such places, the air mass is pushed up the slope wind with sufficient speed, the wing will fly in the sky longer.

Paragliding is a recreational discipline, but requires the professionalism of the players in the equipment knowledge, skills, fitness and good spirits. Paragliding not use the engine, fly free form, take off with your foot. The pilot sits in a seat sewn with durable straps. Pilots fly based on the available wind in nature.

1.      Vien Nam Mountain, Ha Noi

Vien Nam mountain, Yen Binh ward, Thach That district has two tops, 215 m and 500 m suitable for take off. Many members of the club Paragliding in the North regularly come here to practice together. However, you should walk approximately 30 minutes to reach the summit. From at the top the mountain, paraglider pilots were released soul into the vast sky, floating on clouds and birds, creeping along the mountains and take in the views of the mountains of identical messages outside Ha Noi.

2.      Bai Nha Mountain, Hoa Binh

Top of the mountain Bai Nha, Ngoc Son commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province is one of the nicest places parachuting in the North. Top of the mountain Bai Nha windswept, lofty as offering challenges. Anyone Paragliding always wanted to be conquered this peak, and then flew on skies, put bold image yourself up on the sky and desire to conquer.

3.      Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

Rated as one of the places most beautiful Paragliding Viet Nam, Mu Cang Chai aerial view Paragliding poetic beauty, grandeur and infatuation. The road to Mu Cang Chai passing Khau Pha peak, the highest mountain peak in the four peaks in the Northwest. According to the paraglider pilots in the country, Khau Pha is one of four potential points Vietnam’s most beautiful, the weather conditions as well as natural scenery and people. From on parachute immense between earth and sky, you’ll be overwhelmed by the wonders, the majestic mountains, by the fresh air, the spectacular beauty of the terraced fields and back roads winding mountain here.

5.      Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Son Tra is named peninsula and a mountain of the Son Tra District, Da Nang city. Son Tra Peninsula in the south creates a seductive, beautiful bay, inviting. Parasailing here, you will admire the wonders of the high mountains, rolling clouds, lush forest strips on high mountain bends stretches to the edge of the sea make up a vast ecoregion. Location landing usually Tho Quang beach at foothills  of Son Tra or Pham Van Dong beach.

6.      Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang beach has beauty, poetic, lyrical. Observing the sea city from on high can see all the beauty of the beaches stretching with fine white sand, the island of exotic, seaside coconut trees and the trees in the wind crunch, the Cham temples of the ancient moss mountain…

7.      Langbiang Mountain, Da Lat

From Da Lat to Langbiang mountain about 15 km, it takes around 20 minutes. You can take a local bus, car or motorbike. You can go to the top of Lang Bian by Jeep, then parasailing down the foothills. If not proficient and not confident enough, you can fly with coach to watch Da Lat a hilly city from on the top. In the mist of the mountains, on the parachute in space, you will see the green trees, the rivers and streams winding basalt soil fertility.

8.      Phan Thiet

With its mountainous terrain overlooking the sea, good wind, you can paraglide in a pretty nice place in the area of Mui Ne, Hon Hong, or sand hills, valleys … The Paragliding athletes often chose Phan Thiet to satisfy the passion to conquer the sky because it is considered a very beautiful place.

Stretching parachute get wind, throwing yourself in the immense sky from the top, floating on clouds and birds, creeping along the mountains, finally lye on the green carpet rice is perceived by those who, Paragliding jump.

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