Tu Lan Cave - a miracle of nature

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In addition to admiring gorgeous landscapes through shoots introduced in the Hollywood blockbuster movie Kong: Skull Island, visitors to Tu Lan Cave in the central province of Quang Binh could enjoy the adventure of swimming through the river caves that makes this tour unmatchable to anything else around. Discovered in 2009, Tu Lan Cave lies 70 km away from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, next to the minority village of Tan Hoa, just past the fields of grazing buffalo and rapidly growing peanut and cornfields.

Tu Lan Cave - a miracle of nature
Photo by Bbbaongoc
Tu Lan Cave System includes over 10 caves in all with unique names such as Chuot, Hung Ton, Kim, Ken, Tu Lan and Bi Mat. Hung Ton, first found in 1992 and explored more in depth in 2012, appears first on the horizon on a trek to this intricate cave system. Its dry entrance provides an outstanding view of the valley below, and promises many more adventures inside. A ladder inside leads to the floor of the cave, and from there the journey truly begins, where one must swim through the cave to reach the exit on the other side.

In order to explore Tu Lan Caves System, explorers will have to trek through remote, untouched jungle; cross through buffalo fields; be surrounded by giant, looming, limestone mountains on all sides; and plunge into deep, cool, underground rivers that wind gracefully through mountains and river valleys alike. If tourists want to explore the entire 10 caves of Tu Lan Caves System, they will have to swim more than 2km inside the cave and in the dark. The trip requires a lot of strength, patience, persistence of visitors. But surely, crossing the stream to Tu Lan Cave will be an unforgettable experience for any explorer. The cave spreads through four valleys covered with pristine forests and unnamed rivers. There are many magnificent stalagmites and stalactites inside the caves, together with splendid waterfalls and underground rivers making Tu Lan a unique spot for both sightseeing for adventure.

Aside from the beauty though, it’s the adventure of swimming through the river caves that makes the tour unmatchable to anything else around. As you swim through each cave, you’re surrounded by gorgeous limestone formations, seen only by the light of your headtorch, and the fading daylight of the cave entrance behind you. It’s quiet and serene, and definitely an experience to have at some point in this lifetime. As you finish each swim and exit the caves, the view that you’re presented with will blow you away: beautiful blue lakes, green trees, and a small waterfall. A highlight during the tour is the time spent at a campsite, listening to the sounds of waterfall and night critters, and hearing some interesting stories about the local ethnic people.

As safety is absolutely paramount on all trips, they will be equipped with helmets, life jackets, headlights, hammocks, sleeping bags, trekking boots, among others. Hung Ton Cave is a suitable place to camp overnight. Meanwhile, Chuot Cave is  an ideal spot to admire the majesty of nature. The Chuot Cave is selected among the locations the movie "Kong: Skull Island". After hours exploring the cave, you will be immersed in the warm and clear waters of giant pools or cascades to relax and admire the valley below. The tour is an opportunity to escape civilization and go deep into the rugged and untouched nature of the remote Tu Lan cave system: caves, karst mountains, jungle and waterfalls.

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