The delicous dishes that are most favored in stormy days in Hanoi

Nga Do
From July to October, Hanoi is facing series of storms. Heavy rain and strong wind prevents people from going out, however, the numerous delicous dishes in Hanoi are waiting for you to enjoy which makes you forget the glommy and sombre days.

Reputable for the unique and extraordinarily exquisite cuisine, Hanoi is expected to get visitors immersed in the paradise of delicous and attractive foods. Below are some suggestions of delicous foods that are favored by many people in stormy days.

1. Boiled snails with lemon leaves

The heavier the rain and storm is, the more difficult for you to refuse the appealingness of the fragrance from the dishes of boiled snails, particularly combined with the smell of lemon leaves. Being selected carefully by the shop owner, the snails are fatty and delicous. The great combination of ginger, citronella, chilli made a great sauce for eating with boiled snails, so you will have such great pleasure to try. Eating this with a bolw of salted figs will kill hours of yours.

Coming to a street restaurant where boiled snails are served, you can also have variety of other dishes to order such as clams steamed with citronella, stir-fried snails, fried grilled pork, fried potato, boiled quail eggs, …. In such cool temporature of the stormy days, enjoying the fragrant and delicous dishes when they are just cooked can bring people a gret pleasure. Especially, when you can enjoy it in hours while chatting with friends.

The price for a bowl of boiled snails is from 15.000 to 20.000VND, so you do not need to care about the budget issues. You can find a conner at the street or a restaurant where snails are served, however, the most crowded and favored restaurant is around West lake, Luong Dinh Cua street, Giang Vo, Dinh Liet, ….

2. Hot pot

Adding to the menu of the stormy days, hotpot is a great idea for these cool days. It depends your personal taste to decide on what kind of hotpot to order. It can be a Thai hotpot, seafood hotpot, chicken hotpot, fish hotpot or frog hotpot but all can satisfy your demand. The dish is particularly tasty and enjoyable when people have it while chatting together with their friends or colleges, …. The warm of the hotpot will dispel the coldness of the rainstorm. Besides, another type of hotpot that is ideal for those who are familiar with spicy taste which is kimchi hotpot and it is more delicous in such chill weather.

3. Grilled salted chicken feet chilly

You can imagine that you are invited a dish of crackle and fragrant golden chicken feet in the coldness of the stormy days. It is a certainty that no one can refuse such an appealing invitation. Therefore, whenever, Hanoi is attacked by the storms, the restaurants where grilled salted chicken feet served are densed with customers. The chicken feet grilled with honey and eaten with chilly sauce or sweet and sour sauce which goes very well with the chicken.

Besise, you can also order some other dishes such as chicken feet with garlic and butter, grilled chicken wings. The address you should visit to try this is Ly Van Phuc street.

4. Rib porridge, pearl oyster porridge

When the late afternoon comes, your stomach is sounding, a bowl of rib porridge can warm up your body. The soft porridge together with the attractive white color mixing with some green onion leaves combined with some soft and crackle pieces of ribs will surely fascinate you. Eating with some crispy fried breadsticks, the porridge seems more appealing. Besides, there are some additional choices for you to decide on such as oyster porridge, eel porridge, duck porridge, so on, that seems brightens the gloomy and murky days.

5. Grilled meat and grilled organs

Grilled dishes are always one of the most favored choices for the rainy days. On the heating stove, the pieces of meat release the sizzling sounds, and turned red, then you can smell the strong fragrance of the meat that you can hardly refuse. Beside porks, you can have diversity of choices to order such as organs, ribs or some vegetables, ….. Enjoying this in such stormy days, you can have some pleasurable moments. You can also order some sticky-rice wine to eat with the grills. The sweetness and fragrance combined with the flavour of wine can excite every diner.

6. Vietnamese pillow cakes and donuts

If you have no time for chatting with friends, or sitting in the restaurants, you can save your time but still can enjoy tasty dishes for the rainy days with some Vietnamese pillow cakes or some Vietnamese donuts. Inside the pillow cakes are some meat, black fungus, vermicelli, onion and some spices. The cover of the cake is crispy while the core is soft and aromatic, eaten with some sweet and sour sauce is such an enjoyable feeling in the cool days. Together with Vietnamese pillow cakes, donuts are should-not-miss dish.

The tasty dishes mentioned above are renowned widely in Hanoi capital. However, in the stormy days these dishes are even more fascinated to diners. Enjoying a bowl of boiled snails, grilled meat dish or some donuts, you seem forget the coldness of rainy days. For visitors to Hanoi in such stormy days, you should not be disappointed because beside the widely-known landscapes and 36 streets, Hanoi cuisine is a great feature for visitors to explore.

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