The wedding party of Red Dzao

Nga Do
When the winter is coming, the Corn harvest has ended and the hills appear their piece of lands with red brown pristine that is the time Wedding Season of almost the minority ethnic people is started in the North of Vietnam. Lucky me, I had a chance to join in the Wedding party of Red Dzao of the small village, who live in the halfway up the mountain.

Basically, the Wedding party is happened in the traditional house of Red Dzao in the village. That is the big wooden house with one half is floor and one half is ground. Especially, in the house’s middle is the wooden cooker and this is their consuetude since the past. Traditionally, their fire cooker is the expectation of a prosperous and expressed gather the family happy. So, this is the lucky and peaceful place to take a wedding.

The wedding room was decorated very simple but full of atmosphere was excited of everybody. Looking them, suddenly I realized that the happiness, eagerness while waiting the wedding party start that is the general happiness of us. That’s truth life.

When the good time was coming, the Traditional wedding party was started. It has happened by the control of the matchmaker that is the icon can bring the happiness to bride and groom.

The wedding party was takent in 2 days. When the thick dark covered that was the party night happened. We made a big fire, danced, sang and drink around the fire. This was the greatest experiences I had in my life. Sitting beside the fire, getting a warm feeling together was the best memories I had. And I have known this is the beautiful life, peaceful and simple.

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