The Best Halong Bay Climate for Travelling

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It is complex to answer the questions “Which is the best Halong Bay climate for traveling?”. It depends on the taste of each people; some loves the delightful atmosphere while some want to find peace in natural beauty. In this article, there is some information about Halong bay climate, which can be helpful for visitors to check before booking.


Halong bay climate is wet tropical which is influenced by the monsoon’s operation. The temperature varies from 15ºC to 25ºC, the rainfall annually is between about 2000mm and 2200mm. There are four seasons in this well-known bay: warm spring, hot and moist summer, cool autumn and dry and cold winter. Halong bay climate in some months:

From March to May: the temperature ranges from 20°C-22°C, the sky is blue and clear.

From June to Aug: Temperature ranges from 26°C-28°C. It is necessary to pay attention to the typhoon.

From Sept to Nov: Temperatures varies from 26°C-28°C, the weather is cool and comfortable.

From Dec to Feb next year: Temperatures is from 18°C~20°C, the wind is strong and cold. Sometime, it can be misty and rainy.

1. Spring in Halong bay

The tourists can visit Halong bay in warm spring when the rainy and foggy conditions is not as serious as the winter. The flowers bloom lovely, the swallows fly over the bay and the sun shines all day with the gentle and calm weather. It is wonderful to experience the slowly cruise around Halong bay and staring at the breathtaking scenery with limestone karst and isles.

2. Halong bay climate in summer and autumn

This time in Halong bay is in the summer and autumn. Some people consider that summer time is the perfect time to rush the blue sky, clear water sea, the shining sunlight of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and many outdoor activities. The weather in this day is cool, not too hot despite the summer sun.

Halong bay appears with thousands of pristine limestone islands, the long and white sandy seashore and the rich biodiversity. In summer, travelers can have real experiences with the local people catching squid fishing. With the warm weather, the shoals of squids stay and flock to lighted ships in the bay, which is easy to catch. Only with some techniques and methods, visitors can have a fresh squid meal in the beautiful beaches. The weather in these months enables the students to watch the romantic sunset. The sky creates a sublime natural phenomenon and great moments with no rain or fog. The activities in the summer are diverse. Roaming with kayaking, swimming or visiting the floating villages and caves or unwinding on beach are great things you can enjoy. It can get worse and worse due to the bad weather; visitors should pay attention to the typhoons, which totally cancels or delays the cruise trip. However, the bad and serious weather is not frequent so if the travelers desire to take a boat, they should check the weather forecast in advance.

3. Halong bay weather in winter

It is advised that the travelers should not reach Halong from in the winter. The weather is cold, cloudy and dry. The highest temperature can reaches only 20°C while the lowest one can drop to 8°C, which makes it impossible to take a boat cruise or go for swimming. However, there are still some exciting activities that travelers can enjoy as go to see the thick fog and find the mystery beauty of the sea.

In conclusion, the best Halong bay climate can be from April to October because the weather is cool and nice. The tourists can have perfect chance to enjoy the sun-tanned skin, cruising and going for kayaking. But the tourists should check the weather forecast in advance to avoid their trip being canceled or delayed.

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