Tết Hàn Thực - Cold Foods Festival in Vietnam

Nga Do
“Tết Hàn Thực” – Cold Foods Festival is a traditional festival of Vietnamese which takes place on the 3rd day of the Third Lunar month in the year. This is occasion for family gathering and remember ancestor.

On that day, all family’s members will gather at home make “Bánh trôi” – (floating cake) and “Bánh chay” – (lean cake) together. “Banh troi” and “banh chay” are two traditional food of “Tết Hàn Thực” in Vietnam. The name of floating cakes came about from the way it is actually cooked, “Bánh trôi” are small white balls made of glutinous rice flour with piece of brown sugar inside. “Bánh chay” are bigger than “bánh trôi” and filled in with sweet mung bean paste inside instead of piece of sugar. “Bánh trôi” is usually sprinkled with sesame seeds and some coconut fibers; “Bánh chay” is served in bowls with sweet floured syrup. After all have been done, “bánh trôi” and “bánh chay” will be put on a tray on altar to offer ancestor. The householder will burn incense to invite ancestor enjoy Cold Foods Festival with family. When the liturgy of ancestor worship ended, all family will eat “bánh trôi” and “bánh chay” together. These cakes are also popular desserts in both rural and urban areas.

Coming to Vietnam to participate in discovering and experiencing this Cold Foods Festival and explore more cultural values of Vietnam.

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