Banh troi – hightlight of Cold food festival

Nga Do
In Vietnam, Banh Troi is the cake which is associated to Cold Food Festival. That day is on March 3rd of Lunar calendar. On that day, Vietnamese people usually make a plate of Banh Troi with some bowl of sweet soup to worship and remember their ancestry. Banh Troi is not only delicious, it has deep meaning behind.

Where is Banh Troi from?

There are people said that Banh Troi was created from the mind to the ancient origin of their ancestors so often burn incense and enjoy the cake on this occasion to remind of the area covered by the “Au Co” mother birth hundred eggs . Then there are people who say that the custom of baking bread went vegetarian at 3/3 lunar day to Southern Marian worship offered to her death. Southern Marian was popular with the mulberry, sericulture, silk weaving, wearing to people. Cake cake went vegetarian dish is cold, it is implied about the burdens of the people plant mulberry and grow silkworm. Banh Troi is become delicious traditional cuisine and the beauty of the culinary culture of Vietnam, especially Hanoi people.

Banh Troi for now

Previously, on each occasion 3/3, which also houses bustle of her, the mother was busy preparing grocery sticky rice, green beans, diameter, rock sugar, sesame … the home of each one of the grind rice who soaked bean pastry preparation. Now life is so busy, the food available to many families choose to buy bread was cooked to burn incense and Enjoy ancestor. There are also family still nostalgic atmosphere baker old or young you want to understand the traditional custom of buying Dough available and sugar, cooked green beans at the market in just squeeze … Either homemade or buy ready then went vegetarian cake cake still has to be maintained, the family legacy in Vietnam in the last hundred years. Cake cake went extremely simple vegetarian recipes that not everyone is doing good by just boiled a bit small, so the fire will make the cake a bit lost when moderate to boiling. Want delicious cakes, boiled water to boil to, boil until the bread rise, the fish out of the water immediately in cold water. Rice cakes away, vegetarian cake must be selected from yellow sticky rice, cooked sticky part and a part of the above. A dive right hands thoroughly and have new things to get a soft, smooth, not broken when crafting.

So when you visit Hanoi,Vietnam, Let taste “Banh Troi”, especially is this weather, “Banh Troi” is hot and make our degree increase and prevent from cold. It’s coming our soul and you should eat in Hanoi.

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