Mouth-watering street food in Dalat

Nga Do
Da Lat – Lam Dong is not only famous for its beautiful scenery,  its chilly weather,  its unique architectural heritage but also its special and original cuisine bearing deep stamp of the Central highlands. Trip to Dalat in this issue recommends you to some delicious and mouth-watering dishes that attract tourists.

Grilled rice paper

Grilled rice paper is a familiar snack of the people in the central provinces,  the western Highlands, and especially in Da Lat.  With the chilly weather all the year round,  the grilled rice paper has become a quite popular snack and many tourists enjoy it when visiting Da Lat.  Many people call it “Da Lat pizza”.

Rice paper is grilled over the charcoal fire together with chicken eggs or quail eggs broken and spread thin on the surface of the rice paper,  together with a mixture of shrimp,  satay,  finely chopped green onions,  cheese or butter.  When the piece of rice paper is cooked,  add some dried beef and sausage on the surface,  the aroma of grilled onions,  dried shrimp tastes very appetizing.  The grilled rice paper is eaten with sweet-and-sour sauce,  chili sauce,  and is a popular dish,  but is liked by the people,  who eat while sniffing at the spicy taste of the savory food.

Xắp xắp

Not only is xap xap a popular street food in Da Lat,  it also contains a special flavor,  reminiscent of the idyllic life of the people in the mountain city.  Xap xap Da Lat is made from the finely sliced young papaya,  dried beef,  beef liver cooked with five tastes,  creating a golden brown color,  served with basil.  When you enjoy the food,  you will feel the sweet crunchy papaya,  the sour tamarind from the broth,  the fatty and chewy taste from meat,  the pungent aroma of chili and spices,  the vegetables and peanuts.  What makes the difference of Da Lat xap xap with other regions throughout the country is from the broth.  The broth is made from tamarind juice with moderate acidity,  not too sweet nor too sharp,  quite suitable for various tastes.  To fully savour the food,  you can drop into a street stall on Ba Trieu slope,  the Linh Son Temple junction,  Nguyen Van Troi street,  Hoang Thu lake…

Salt and chili toast

Recently,  there appeared in Da Lat a very “original”  and strange salt and chili toast that everyone wants to try it once,  especially the youth.  To enjoy this food,  you can go to some street stalls at Da Lat Peace Square, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street or Phan Boi Chau street, Phan Chu Trinh intersection…

Grilled pork rolls on skewers

Grilled pork rolls on skewers are a special dish of Da Lat, not only by their individual,  delicious taste. Grilled pork rolls are wrapped in rice paper, pickled onions, vegetables When you taste the grilled pork rolls,  the combination of spicy,  hot sauce and the fragrance of the hot pork rolls make people feel warm in the chilly air.

Soy milk

Soy milk has become a specialty drink in Da Lat. The appeal of this drink is so strange people can enjoy it at any time.  Such chilly air makes soy milk so attractive,  so different from other places you’ve ever drunk.  Da Lat soy milk is a very simple drink but attracts many customers,  it comes out of the ordinary soybeans,  but through the hands of the seller,  soybeans are soaked,  ground,  then filtered and slightly boiled over the fire with the fragrant pandan leaves,  then you have a nutritious and delicious pot of soy milk.  Soy milk is rich in calcium and protein, meeting the needs of Vietnamese people,  and the prices are consistent with the budgets of most families.

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