Reasons can’t wait to travel Ha Giang Vietnam

Nga Do
Ha Giang is beautiful all year round, however, in each season, Ha Giang has a particular beauty.

Somebody said that Sung La is a place for flowers blooming from rocks. It sounds exaggerated, but it is true. Ha Giang stone plateau, especially in Sung La, there are rugger rocks only. The rocks are sharp and rugged as the spear pointing upward as spears pointing upward blue sky. Day after day, the indigenous people laboriously carry papooses of soil to fill rugger rock caves

January with peach flowers, plum flowers, yellow rape flowers

When the Spring comes, everywhere from Quan Ba (Quyet Tien, Minh Tan), Yen Minh (Lao Va Chai, Na Khe, Bach Dich), Dong Van (Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin, Thai Phin Tung) to Meo Vac (Sung Tra, Sung Trai, Lung Phin), the peach flowers, plum flowers and yellow rape flowers bloom with dark rocky plateau and rammed earth houses.

April with Khau Vai love market

On 27/3 in the lunar calendar, from all tottery ways on the mountain slope, people in their ethnic costumes make boisterous brouhaha of laughter and go to the market to participate in Khau Vai love market, which happens only one time each year.

May with irrigating water season

In irrigating water season, the majority of our country’s northwest fields are irrigated in about May to June, at few places in July, a few plots can conserve the water from April; but the best time for irrigating is the rice growing in progress, in about May to June.

September and October with ripen rice season

The ripen rice season usually begins in late September and early October of the solar calendar. When the terraced fields turn into the bright yellow of ripen rice, it is time that the spectacular scenery of the forests renews again.

November with Buckwheat flower season

Buckwheat flower is the characteristic flower of Ha Giang rocky plateau. This is a type of flower with slightly pink and violet tiny flowers bewitching flower lovers and photography enthusiasts. Ha Giang is covered with the gray of mountain rocks and the pink of Buckwheat flowers. Gray is the color of steely mind and pink is the color of marvelous dreams. The strong opposition, which is absolutely harmonious overall, … creates an incomparable beauty of Ha Giang.

December with snow

In Meo Vac district of Dong Van rocky plateau, many places have snow at the end of December, curious tourists from many places are lucky to enjoy the unique scenery of the year.

Coming to Ha Giang in this season, you do not just watch buckwheat flowers or be immersed in the open earth and sky in Ma Pi Leng, you still have a lot of experiences waiting for you to discover in the rocky highlands.

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