Top Ideal Resorts for Valentine’s Day in Vietnam

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Vietnam’s all-year-around sunny beaches, charming resorts designed in Oriental style amidst lush tropical plants are perfect destinations for couples on Valentine’s Day. When classic chocolates are not enough for a “really different” Valentine’s Day, a romantic holiday for you two only will give you the most memorable Valentine’s celebration ever.

There are thousands of couples choose the pretty Vietnam as the “getaway” for their love in this occasion year on year. Let’s see which hotels and resorts they love the most for a perfect Valentine’s Day in Vietnam.

1. Fusion Maia Resort and Spa, Hoi An

Fusion Maia is the first name in the list “Top Idea resorts for Valentine’s Day in Vietnam”. This elegant resort and spa seems to be designed especially for couples in truly relaxing holidays. With the bold initiative of the first all-spa inclusive and all-pool villa resort in Asia, Fusion Maia is undoubtedly a heaven for couples! Having totally 80 Pool Villas, 4 Spa Villas and 3 Beach Villas, the resort is surrounded by lush plants and fresh swimming pool, the romantic and tranquil backdrop for an escape of love. Maia Spa, the biggest spa centre in Vietnam, brings a special feeling as if you are lost in the Eden, where every creature is pure and fresh.

Moreover, Fusion Maia is designed to celebrate our own moment, offering your privacy at the highest level whenever and wherever you are. This is the first resort having private swimming pool and private garden in every single room, perfect for couple holidays! Even more excellent that your breakfast can be served everywhere you want, by your private pool, in your lovely garden, at the spa or on the beach, it means every romantic idea for Valentine’s Day is possible here in Fusion Maia.

2. Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh

A romantic stay at Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh is a different experience for the couples tired of classic beach stay. Set amid a typical countryside in Northern Vietnam, Emeralda is a truly “Vietnamese” taste that you couldn’t find anywhere else outside of Vietnam.

Designed as traditional Vietnamese houses, Emeralda lets you enter a peaceful world to refresh your mind and listen to your love. Surrounded by romantic typical landscape of limestone krasts, meandering rivers and rustic rowboats, Emeralda offers you the simplest beauty in the harmony of nature and local people. Individual villas are spacious, elegantly decorated and beautifully furnished, relevant to couple stay.

3. Six Senses Resort & Spa Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang

Six Senses Resort & Spa Ninh Van Bay is where couples find their own “oasis” on Valentine’s Day. Designed with separate villas overlooking to different majestic views of mountains and beaches, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay ensures your complete privacy. Here, couples found their own heaven on the beach or on their villas.

The incredible romantic scenes on movies are seen here in Ninh Van Bay. Dreaming time in private infinity pool in your villas, a fresh breakfast on the terrace facing the spectacular rocky bay, a romantic dinner in warm candlelight on your own hill top villa will make your partner crazy for sure. Not to mention about the world-class service by a Six Senses brand resort, the beach holiday for Valentines couldn’t be more perfect.

4. Anantara Resort & Spa, Mui Ne

Anantara Resort & Spa Mui Ne distinguishes itself from other classic beach resorts by its unique design. Once you enter the resort, you will see a special design and atmosphere that couldn’t be seen in any resorts. It honors quietness, separation, privacy and idyll.

The spaces in Anantara are not very open and easy like most of other beach resorts but elegant and luxury. Thus Anantara claims itself as an oasis of elegance and comfort with expert blend of Vietnamese tradition and legendary Anantara service. Down garden paths are private villas for couples as your own contemporary houses.

5. Six Senses Resort and Spa, Con Dao

Six Senses Resort and Spa Con Dao has all that you imagine for a dreaming romantic holiday: beachfront villas, wooden eco-friendly villas, pristine and quiet beach, deep blue sea, private infinity pools and romantic meals everywhere, every view.

Choosing Con Dao for your Valentine’s Day means you and your partner will escape from busy towns to a private place just for two.  In a very spacious split-level villa with panoramic ocean views and a private infinity pool of Six Sense Con Dao, your love would blend with the nature and is grown by sunshine and fresh air.

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