Lung Van (Hoa Binh province) - Land of legends

Nga Do
Who has ever discovered headline rolling ridges of land northwest will probably impressed with Lung Van - where capital is like the roof of the Muong Bi.

Located downtown Hoa Binh 40km, Lung Van( Tan Lac district ) is one of four major cultural cradle and the most ancient Muong in Hoa Binh. With beautiful natural scenery, spectacular and unique culture , Lung Van is a destination for many enthusiasts move. Hailed as " the roof of Muong Bi ", because it is the land of Muong people, which also contains many stories went on to myths.

Lung Van of the majestic mountains looming in the clouds, with the footpaths but extremely steep and rugged ... Because of the natural conditions and terrain, where there has been a destination for some groups and off-road to avoid the noisy city to find their own moment to experience nature in a quiet space.

Located at an altitude of 1200m above the sea level, where year-round cloud cover should also be called the Thung May. Valley surrounded by Trau mountains, Po mountain,Tien Mountain, cool climate, the average temperature is about 20 to 23.3 ยบ C. The name Lung Van quite unfamiliar to many people. Partly because it is located deep roads Hoa Binh - Moc Chau Van, Lung street to the extremely rugged with long mountain (13km). So, understandably few people know about Van Lung.

According to the legend recorded in "ang mo" " Born land, Born water " of the Muong people long ago, no one could remember, between the rugged mountains, there was a deluge. It suddenly struck down in a stormy rainy night. The water has washed away all rolled foreclosure homes, cattle, humans and the mountains. Amid scattered it with cling couple was on a raft . Specifically, sinking raft floating in the waves all day to the other until caught in a giant tree named Bi, roots spread through " nine rivers, ten mountains " that attacks the Deluge can not be uprooted there. When the deluge receded, the couple does not know it 's his home country where to return. By following deluge, back ground as chaos, everything was washed away or torn.

Do not know where to go, they stay under the tree Bi , have children , land cleared for agriculture , plow hoe terraced hillside , making longer water , tame animals as pets . It is today the Muong Bi - a large and rich Village in 4 Villages  Bi - Vang - Thang - Dong of Muong Hoa Binh. The name Lung Van , perhaps derived from the characteristics of a valley with high mountains.

Past , Lung Van aka Muong Cham. According to the people here , the word Cham (slow)is not fast , slow in the usual sense. It did not mean anything to show. Just know that Muong legend created in the cloud is a sad story of an escape of a poor family and is recorded in the memory of an old people as a life legends connected life.

Legend is in Muong - Hoa Binh, Muong Cham is the youngest village, is in deep terrain, farthest. It is the result of a fleeing civilians. Along with the myths, along with beautiful scenery that many people have uttered astonishing when set foot on this land is a peaceful life as the first pick from . Life in the valley on the shimmering like a real fairy tale. As for the people, " this is really a fairyland.

Despite the flow of time, in Lung Van,  Muong culture is preserved quite intact, from the sloping floor roof of faith tortoise turtle symbolizes solidity to the Muong woman 's skirt. The traditional dress is mostly black, the skirt decorated with striking patterned brocade. Today, the labor to fit, but skirts are shorter lines in the delicate decoration is stored.

Cultural festival Muong Bi is one of the cultural life of the community are numerous citizens and interested visitors. Each festival is a picture of social reality reflects ancient Muong, as typical Na Mu, Make Fire, Down on the farm, Wash rice leaves, especially the two major festivals: Opening summer , new rice. 

With the available potential, Lung Van is currently a tourist attraction. Lung Van to the most beautiful time in April after the annual festival, which is at best cloudy cover. May began the evening and early the next morning to fading , until noon the sky really.

At Lung Van in your Vietnam tours, visitors can visit and stay overnight in a stilt house of Muong, and do the daily work with people or participate in the cultural life of the community... In Lung Van has a unique market, located in the town center , meeting once a week on the 3rd day, visitors can come here to learn the colors of the Muong ethnic culture . Guests will not forget exploring spring time , climbing Tien mountain.

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