Hanoi’s most beautiful places in the fall

Nga Do
If there is an amazing place that makes people fall in love at first sight, it is Hanoi. The chilly season, clear and blue sky, yellow leaves on streets - that is autumn. It is the season of brilliant wedding cars, the season of simple gifts, of the romantic carpet of leavesseen in Korean films.

Hoan Kiem Lake

In the early days of autumn, gentle sunlight, Hoan Kiem Lake becomes elegant. Branches of trees start to turn yellow and the sky is an intense blue. In Hanoi autumn, sesame flowers blossom in a corner of Hoan Kiem lake. Its petals fall and create brightly colored flower paths. 

The barringtonia acutangula tree has long been at Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi. The famous tree is located opposite the three- way intersection Dinh Tien Hoang- Tran Nguyen Han. Each year, on occasion of warm sunshine in the north, it is season of leaf fall. The green leaves turn yellow, then fall from branches.

Phan Dinh Phung Street

Compared to a love road in Paris, Phan Dinh Phung street every autumn is full of falling yellow leaves. Phan Dinh Phung is known for the widest sidewalk in Hanoi, rows of houses in two sides and built in traditional style; therefore, it has the attention of many young people and is an endless inspiration for writers and artists. 

When the autumn sunlight falls on roads, corners of street, it is as romantic as a setting in Korean film. Hanoi also has a deep love with Dracontomelon trees. If in summer, people cut the heat with a cool cup of iced dracontomelon fruits, in autumn, it is time to enjoy dracontomelon fruit on all streets of Hanoi.

West Lake

West Lake is one of the most beautiful places with open views in Hanoi. It is also a famous mark associated with the history of the capital- thousands of years of civilization. In the last days of summer, Westlake has the brilliant beauty of the sunset along with the scene of diverse activities.

When the afternoon comes, intense sunlight is replaced by gentle and sweet sunbeams. Many people come here for kayaking. There is nowhere in Hanoi for a beautiful sunset view as West Lake. The sun falls slowly down from the clouds, as if sinking behind high buildings in the distant horizon.

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