Trekking Fansipan – A lifetime experience

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Located in northwest of the country, Sapa hides many wonders of the natural scenes and people. Although Sapa is not far-off destination, it is enough to get away from it all. It is an attractive town with majestic mountain views; the Sapa market which is bustling in the morning and has lots of experiences with the life of ethnic minorities.

Trekking Fansipan – A lifetime experience 1
Photo by Topas Ecolodge
Besides, Sapa is famous for Fansipan – known as a peak of Indochina of Hoang Lien mountain range. Fansipan mountain is not only the desire to conquer of professional climbers, but also the attractive destination of tourists coming to Sapa. In the way to Fansipan mountain, you can discover the breathtaking views and mountain’s ecosystem with over 2000 floral varieties, over 300 faunal species.

At the beginning, you will follow the forest path of Hoang Lien Son natural reservation with many small bamboo trees. Throughout, tourists hike through stunningly primary deciduous and evergreen forest, follow crystal clear streams, and windswept ridges. The trekking is more and more difficult when you climb the high rock and slope. However, the forest types and the weather change with increasing height. The wind is stronger and colder. You can see the green mountain, the valleys showing up under the sun. Do not forget addition energy because the path is very hard and far so sometimes it makes you tired.

After trekking over 3000m, you will reach the peak of Fansipan mountain and you are “vanquisher”. From Fansipan, tourists could see many peak mountains and the cloud is the nearest. You can celebrate the victory and sit high above the hills with views of this stunning mountainous landscape. Enjoy yourself, take pictures as well as camp overnight if you want enjoy the sunrise in the roof of Indochina. The next day, you will go back the starting point.

To conquer the peak of Fansipan, you must well-prepare the health and food as well as the guide of tour guides or local people. Thanks to the experiencing tour guides, conquering the Fansipan peak now is easier than in the past and they just need to spend 5-6 days climbing up and down. Nowadays, tourists can choose many options, depending to their time and their expenses.

Victorying themselves is the main purpose which help them have motivation to overcome the difficulties during the way, told by many people climbing Fansipan. This may be once in a lifetime experience.

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