Top 7 favorite destinations in Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travellers

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With many ancient architectural works, numerous parks, lakes, and historic relic sites, Hanoi ranks first on the list of the top destinations in Vietnam.

Top 7 favorite destinations in Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travellers
Photo by David Berkowitz
#1. Hanoi

The capital of the country is the most favorite tourist destination. It is very picturesque and has been nicknamed Paris of the East. It boasts numerous parks, lakes and historic buildings from the French colonial-era. There are also numerous cultural events, venues, karaoke bars, theaters and other kinds of entertainment.

#2. Ha Long Bay

The bay on the border with China is dotted with thousands of limestone pillars protruding from water. It is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is said to be a natural wonder. It’s picturesque scenery was featured in numerous films!

Top 7 favorite destinations in Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travellers 1
Photo bby HoangTuan_photography
#3. Ban Gioc Waterfall

The spectacular cascade marks a border between Vietnam and China. Originally two waterfalls get divided into several smaller plunges because of the rocks, that separate them. It is the fourth largest waterfall after Iguazu, Victoria and Niagara Falls, that mark a national border.

#4. Hoi An

Located on the coast of the South China Sea. UNESCO approved it as a World Heritage Site. It is an important historical place, representing a South-East Asian culture of 15th to the 19th century. Sites like Elephant bridge are very well preserved.

#5. Son Doong Cave

The biggest cave in the world is so deep, it could house a 40-story building! 9 km (5,5 mi) long, the cave has a jungle and river in it. The jungle, called Garden of Edam by the explorers, is inhabited by monkeys and flying foxes. A real underworld here! Son Doong is rich in cave pearls – the calcite crystals, formed over the centuries. 300 million years old fossils are also found here. New species of plants were discovered around the river and waterfall.

Top 7 favorite destinations in Vietnam in the eyes of foreign travellers 2
Photo by Anne and David
#6. Pongour Waterfall, Dalat

The region is known for its romantic landscapes, rich with valleys, springs, lakes and pine hills. Among various waterfalls, Pongour, surrounded with a huge unspoiled forest, definitely stands out. It is about 40 m high, 100 m wide. Its polished steps look like a natural amphitheater! A stream of water powerfully plunges down these seven staircases, filling the air with a loud sound.

#7. Muong Hoa Valley, Sa Pa, Lào Cai Province

Sa Pa has the biggest market in the province and also is famous for the terraced rice fields. The fields are located in the mountainous area and stretches towards the Hoàng Liên National Park. The trekking tours in Sa Pa organize trips to the rice fields.

So, if you love the nature and the rural life of locals at Vietnam, try to taking a tour to this region to explore it and look for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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