Obama fancies a ‘ca phe sua da’? Bring on the 'best coffee in the world'

Nga Do
So popular among the Vietnamese that some can’t survive a day without a few shots, ‘ca phe sua da’, Vietnamese style iced coffee with concentrated milk, has earned its place on every menu, from high-end cafes to pavement stalls where people perch on plastic stools or concrete steps.

Cheap ($1-2) and an instant buzz, ‘ca phe sua da’ has reached U.S. President Barack Obama's attention, who stated firmly on his first day in Vietnam: "Maybe I will enjoy some ‘ca phe sua da’". Refreshing, satisfying and amusingly sweet, the beverage has won the hearts of coffee lovers from all over the world, together with the world-renowned ‘banh mi’ that completes Vietnam's street food map.

It didn’t come as surprise when in 2016, Australia's Traveller Magazine ranked it among the best coffees in the world thanks to its unique recipe that you cannot find anywhere else on earth. However, it turns out the unique recipe is too simple to be true. This sensational iced coffee treat can be summarized by three common ingredients: "coffee, milk and ice".

1. Pour the condensed milk into a glass, lining the base of the cup.
2. Load a stainless steel Vietnamese coffee filter with ground beans. Be sure not to twist the compressor too tightly as the water may not be able to seep through.
3. Place the filter (with coffee) on top of the glass. Pour 20ml of hot water over the coffee.
4. After 30 seconds, pour another 120ml of hot water over the coffee beans. Replace the lid and wait until all of the water in the filter has drained through (this should take approximately 8 to 10 minutes).
5. Stir the coffee well with the condensed milk. Pour over ice and enjoy your "ca phe sua da".

Ca phe sua da sounds exotic, until you realize these words signify nothing more than the three ingredients in this sensational iced coffee treat: "coffee, milk, ice" !

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