Vietnamese Traditional Fried Spring Rolls

Nga Do
Dubbed as one among the most typical Vietnamese traditional food, Vietnamese fried spring rolls (Vietnamese called Nem Rán) has appeared on special occasions of year, especially during Vietnamese Lunar Tet Holidays.

Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
However, this dish is currently served all-year-round and presented as a cannot-be-missed food in almost every menu of Vietnamese Restaurant as well as in each Hanoi cooking class tour. It is such a popular dish that many locals of Vietnam own it as their local specialty and normally call it Nem Ran by Northern people and Cha Gio by Southern people. 

In fact, fried spring rolls were derived from the Southern part of Vietnam. It was brought to Hanoi and then has rapidly become a favorite and typical food of every Hanoian. Different from popular myth, Vietnamese people do not have a habit of easting fried spring rolls with rice every day.

It is actually a special food for special occasions of year, including Tet and family parties. Nem Ran is well tasted with fresh herbs and dipped into the fish sauce which plays an import part in deciding the Nem Ran is delicious or not. Fish sauce is harmoniously combined of flavors such as lemon juice, sugar, chili and pepper.

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