Braised pork and eggs (Thịt kho hột vịt)

Nga Do
Visiting Vietnam, foreigners can easily find any food to eat on the street or even in a luxury restaurant . One of the most out-standing food that is highly appreciated by people who visit Vietnam is called “Thịt kho hột vịt” in Vietnamese as you learn Vietnamese and travel more. You can call it “Braised pork and eggs” in English.

Braised pork and eggs (Thịt kho hột vịt) 1
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“Thịt kho hột vịt”, a.k.a “thịt kho tàu” is a very popular dish in Southern Vietnam. It is special cooked in order to use during Tết holiday because it can be kept for a long time without damage and can be served perfectly with rice. People cook this dish before Tết a couple of day so that they can enjoy their holiday without thinking much about what to cook and what to eat during Tet holiday.

To make this dish taste better, Vietnamese often cook pork and eggs with coconut sauce. The pork that is should include both flesh and grease. Pork is cut into small pieces and cooked with eggs which are removed from their shells. A part from coconut sauce, there are many other condiments such as : pepper, chili, sugar, fish sauce and so on.

“Thịt kho hột vịt” is a very delicious dish that every foreigners who come to Vietnam should try once. We hope that its taste will make you love Vietnamese cuisine more and more.

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