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Ha Giang Trekking Tours offer great adventure trekking holidays in the North of Vietnam. Ha Giang owns amazing nature, countryside and spectacular landscapes which turn Ha Giang to be one of the great destinations for trekking tours in Vietnam. Enjoy Ha Giang trekking tours from 4 to more than 11 days will be amazing to explore this area, experience daily life of hill tribe people and get the most from adventure tours in Vietnam. 

Ha Giang is the province in the mountain area in the North of Vietnam. Close to China Border, Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang and Cao Bang Provinces. Ha Giang has unique geography with lots of rock mountains that are very step, leaving Ha Giang stunning views. Most of area in Ha Giang Province are Rock Mountains, dotted with narrow valleys, very few flat terrains. Due to this, Ha Giang owns many beautiful places to visit like: Hoang Su Phi, Quan Ba Town, Meo Vac or famous Dong Van Plateau. Got a chance to travel to Ha Giang, you will be amazed by the nature, truly unbelievable landscapes in Ha Giang. 


Ha Giang is about 300 km from Hanoi and it would take from 5 to 6 hours driving from center of Hanoi City. Traveling to Ha Giang, you can choose to take the new freeway or take the short cut to Son Duong District then cross over Tuyen Quang City to Ha Giang. The nature and countryside along the way to Ha Giang are also amazing. Enjoy driving in beautiful, peaceful countryside will be another experience while taking Ha Giang Trekking Tours.

Most travelers who looking for adventure trekking tours in Vietnam will go either to Sapa, Mai Chau or Cao Bang as Ha Giang is still unknown to most of travelers coming to Vietnam for adventure holidays. Thanks to recently upgrade and developing of the province, most of the roads, paths in Ha Giang now are a lot better which bring great convenience to travelers who would like to enjoy trekking tours in Ha Giang as well as adventure trekking tours in Vietnam. 

Travelers coming to Ha Giang will be easily access to other famous traveling destinations in the North of Vietnam like Sapa, Yen Bai, Cao Bang or Bac Kan Province. Combining all these places together, you will have amazing adventure trekking tours in Ha Giang and Northern Vietnam. 


It must be saying that Ha Giang is truly wonderful for adventure trekking tours in Vietnam. The views, landscapes, nature, mountains, rice terraces in Ha Giang are realty picturesque. Once you have been to Ha Giang, you will love it, especially for those how love adventure trekking tours in Vietnam, HA GIANG TREKKING TOURS are the right choice and this is the right place to enjoy once in lifetime adventure trekking tours. 

There are many wonderful places to enjoy trekking tours in Ha Giang. These must be mentioned are: Hoang Su Phi, Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac, of courses you cannot miss Lung Cu Peak where you can enjoy brilliant panoramic views from the Peak of Lung Cu in Ha Giang. Each of these locations in Ha Giang has its own characters, uniquely beauty and all are perfect for adventure trekking tours in Ha Giang, Northern Vietnam. 

Hoang Su Phi is the district in the North West of Ha Giang Province. Hoang Su Phi is the priority choice for trekking tours in Ha Giang as it has the most beautiful rice terraces. All the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phu stretching from bottom to the top of mountains, from this mountain ranges to one another. The rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi have been recognized as the National Heritage of Vietnam due to its amazing landscapes. Enjoy Ha Giang Trekking Tours in Hoang Su Phi will be fantastic as you will enjoy trekking in the most beautiful nature, mountain areas in Vietnam. Same as other parts of Ha Giang Province, Hoang Su Phi is the home of many hill tribe people like: H’mong, Nung, Tay or Dao People. More than just enjoy trekking tours in Ha Giang, you will also have chance to experience daily life of ethnic groups, discover their culture, tradition. The most interesting parts of Ha Giang Trekking Tours are travelers will stay overnight in the homestay with a local family in the villages. This is truly wonderful opportunity to learn more about Vietnam, its people and get wonderful experience for adventure trekking tours in Ha Giang.

Quan Ba Town is also another fantastic places for tours in Vietnam, especially for adventure trekking tours in Ha Giang, too. You can choose to spend one or two nights in small hotels in Quan Ban Town to maximize the time to enjoy trekking tours to all villages around Quan Ba Town. When you enjoy Ha Giang Trekking Tours at Quan Ba Town, do not forget to climb to the viewing deck on the Pass, which is also known as “Heaven Gate” along the way to Quan Ba Town to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Quan Ba Town and “Twin mountains” located right in the center of Quan Ba Town.

Dong Van Plateau is another place to visit in Ha Giang Province as well as perfect place for trekking tours in Ha Giang. Enjoy the trekking tours to visit villages of H’mong, Dao or Nung people, look at their houses built on the Rock Mountains to get the real feeling about life of local people while taking Ha Giang Trekking Tours in Vietnam. Traveling to Dong Van, you must spend some time to visit Ma Pi Leng Peak, especially at sunset to enjoy the beauty of nature, mountains and Nho Que River. If your travelling dates fall into market days, that will be additional experience for your trekking tours in Ha Giang as well as adventure trekking tours in Vietnam.

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