The Beauty of Nature and Human in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Nga Do
The impressive nature, innocence of young children, and the bright eyes of the elder will bring visitors interesting emotions whether they first time or have been to Ha Giang repeatedly.

As the ending province of Northeast Vietnam, populated mainly in Ha Giang are ethnic minorities such as the Hmong, Thai, Lo Lo, La Chi ... The wild nature has created a luring attraction to anyone interested in exploring and experiencing travel. In particular, the specific culture in daily life activities of people here will give the visitors an absolutely memorable experience.

Though Ha Giang is one of the poorest mountainous provinces in Vietnam, and the road to there is full of obstacles, it is still an interesting destination which always attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists, especially the young.

Ha Giang tourist season lasts all year round, so visitors are able to come and explore it any time. Each season, this mountainous province carries a particular beauty and colorwhich cannot be mistaken with anywhere else in Vietnam.

Come to Ha Giang, tourists can go along the Happiness road to enjoy the emotions that only in the actual experience. Stretching from Ha Giang City, cross Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and finally to MeoVac, the path takes travellers from fear, to joy and pride of the country.

Ha Giang appears as a perfect combination of peaceful nature, undulating mountains and many faded roof houses.

Ha Giang also challenge brave hearts to conquer spectacular mountain passes. Many tortuous curving roads which close to the dangerous abysses, the delicate bends make anyone quit looking. This will be unforgettable experience for the riders when travelling to Ha Giang.

Another thing visitors should try is to spend nights in a Hmong family. People here are famous for their hospitality, friendliness. It should be easier for tourists to enjoy themselves in the daily activities of the natives. Visitors will hardly forget the meals, farm-works or stories between wild mountains.

The smiles of the upland children will be "a panacea" to help travellers to forget all chaos and worries in their lives. It is not difficult start a conversation with the children here. The innocence in their eyes, the naive in their thinking will certainly be beautiful picture in tourists’ memories when thinking about the trip.

Being more fortunate, travellers will have the opportunity join in fun activities of the upland kids.
Their innocent smiles are like the simple of the natives’ ego.

"Because life is a range of trips" is a saying that many people passed each other when talking about their movement passion. After every trip, people may gain something new that is difficult to find in books or newspapers.

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