Top 6 Most Romantic Destinations In Vietnam

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Have you ever wish to escape to a romantic paradise with your beloved partner? Have you ever thought of Romantic Destinations in Vietnam, to satisfy your dream of travel as well as get out of the daily life? At Vietnam Typical Tours, our travel experts recommend top 6 gateways that you shouldn’t miss in your life time!

1.    Sapa

Sapa attracts visitors on the merits of natural beauty and surrounding attractions. In the morning, Sapa seems to be sunk into the fanciful mist rolling across the peaks that makes the epic scenery. People say you may find 4 seasons within a day: the morning of foggy spring, the noon of hot summer, the afternoon of cool autumn and evening of cold winter. One place for 4 seasons, such an interesting experience!

Also, one place for more than a destination! Both ancient and modern beauty are perfectly combined in Sapa. The Stone Church and the Old Street Café bring you back in time, to the most taciturn moment that is very hard to find anywhere else. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee and watch the daily life of locals, you feel that the time is broken. You and your partner, hand in hand, walk around the dream-like heaven surroundings. Particularly, the so-called “Love Market” in Sapa features the long standing culture of minority ethnic here. Boys and girls get date and join many fantastic games, sing and dance together in the boisterous sounds of ethnic music all night.

Thanks to magnificent landscapes with splendid sunsets and sunrises, with the untouched and simple nature, with the friendly people, Sapa–a heavenly destination, awaits you for some incredible experiences! Should tourists come here in the winter, they may keep a chance to admire a lovely town covered with snow, as Sapa is maybe the only place in Vietnam having snow falling.

2.    Halong Bay

More than 2000 small islands rising from the emerald water of the Gulf of Tonkin create an intriguing beauty of Halong Bay (means the Dragon descends into the sea). Long time ago, Halong makes its reputations by the stunning bay and the different shaped karst limestone. Declared a World Heritage site in 1994, a geographic of art, this majestic landscape of formation is often compared to Krabi or Phuket in Thailand – the neighbor country of Vietnam. If anyone asks me what is the most beautiful in Halong bay, I am sure that it is the time of sunsets or sunrises.

The marvelous sunlight reflecting the waterways creates a yellow-red color that makes it more mystical. Your adorable love seems to be smelt together with the change of sun light color.What makes it more special for romantic destinations in Vietnam? What makes it special for couples? One among them is the Vietnam luxury cruises in Ha Long. Take a cruise with international standard, glide over the waterways and contemplate the charming Halong, you are pampered by its allure and your own private space.

3.    Hoi An

Honestly, Hoi An ancient town is an exceptional well-preserved historic town. Dated from the 16th century, Hoi An was a busy trading port. Time flies but it also remains the enchanting streetscapes with many galleries and classic stores that draw you for its ancient beauty. Obviously, one way to experience the real culture is food, so why don’t take a cooking class and know more the hidden secret behind each kind of dish.

Additionally, the tranquil waterscape of colorful wooden boats along to the old town when the town is sparkle gradually draws both your attention and imagination. Taking a boat, visitors may watch the “new face” of Hoi An town after dark..Cua Dai beach about 5 km from the Old Town is considered the paradise with full of activities such as wind surfing, kayaking and jet skiing. Discover both the old historic and charming beach is all you can do in Hoi An ancient town. If you and your partners are golf enthusiasts, Lang Co Golf course always the good choice to experience!

4.    Ba Na Hill

Known as the Disneyland in Vietnam, Ba Na hills is exactly your road to heavenly scenery. Sitting in the cable car at 1300 meter above the sea level, in mid air, among sea of clouds, looking upon the endless tree line of pine forests, visitors are able to enjoy the awe-inspiring views along the way. The unforeseeable sights let you indulge into the paradise with your free mind.

Visitors are drifting and bobbing up and down in the average temperature of 18 C. It’s like a gateway of heaven that leads you into the wonderland. Two of you in the non-stop cable car enjoy the panoramic views of Linh Ung pagoda as well as Vong Nguyet hills.  You absolutely feel the sense of touch with nature with a different life that you can’t find in the bustling life!

5.    Da Lat – the City of Eternal Spring

Located on Lam Vien plateau, Lam Dong province, in Vietnam’s central highlands, Da Lat destination is an elegant city, where travelers can feel the similarity to the Western charm, and also difference just has in Vietnam highland. Covered by dense mist almost year-round with cool weather, it is well known for the city of eternal spring.

Flowers and natural surroundings are the big attraction of Da Lat, a premier vacation spot that attracts many Vietnamese. You are soaked into the vivid colorful field of flowers, the significant beauty in Da Lat, “western” of Vietnam. Annual Flower Festival is the gorgeous time to visit Da Lat, to see a romantic city with the thousands kinds of beautiful flowers.

Someone describes Da Lat as a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps, and it is home to some of the best-preserved French colonial architecture in Indochina. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy the area’s trails through pine-covered hills, tremendous Prenn waterfalls, past organic farms and tea and coffee plantations. Xuan Huong Lake, another alluring spot, shaped like a crescent moon and surrounded by lush of green trees, called Lake of Sorrow, definitely is an ideal destination for travelers, especially for couples. Decked by quaint cafes and French architecture style and enchanting paradise, Da Lat is like the beat of deliberate lifetime.

Whether you just want to escape from the scorching city heat or you want to be bold and daring, Da Lat is just an ideal hideaway for all these travel fancies, especially for couples looking for the Romantic Destinations in Vietnam.

6.    Phu Quoc Island

Among more than 3000 islands, Phu Quoc Island seems to be one of the most romantic destinations the S-shaped country, Vietnam. This passionate island involving with palm- fringed, white sandy beach and tortoise waters is the ideal setting for culminating that perfect beach break Vietnam tour. Discover the undersea world with many colorful corals and fishes. Enjoy the long coastline by lying under the sun or glide over the waterways by surfing or snorkeling.

Besides, a wide range of luxury hotels with international level amenities and excellent service definitely bring you into the dreamy heaven filled with allure. Phu Quoc is always well known for its romance, which pampers and brightens your love in your Vietnam luxury travel. Or if you are hankering for a discovery the local fishing villages that remain unchanged for many generations, let’s your footprints be in Phu Quoc Island, the gem of Vietnam.

No matter who you are, a “believer” of tourism or one who love the romance, you should still get this interesting journey to have the new experiences. Vietnam and destinations always welcome you at all the time. Wish you have a wonderful trip!

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