The best family holiday in Vietnam

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What is the best family holiday in Vietnam is what every couple of parents want to make clarified? Parents want to know not only which place is suitable for kids but also where to play and relax. Come to Vietnam, on the family holiday, there are diversified activities for kids and for parents’ relaxation.

Discover Amazing Northern family holiday in Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam so Hanoi is one of the highlights of your trip. There is not too much for the collection of sights but you have a chance to take a walk through the old Asia of the Old Quarter, enjoy the atmosphere of the markets, bustling alleys, and observe the charming women selling street foods in almost any corner. Wander around Hoan Kiem Lake then across the red bridge to Ngoc Son Temple seem great to you. In addition, water puppetry is a must-see program. Your kids will enjoy the muddled music and how the puppets can dance across the water. These performances are held daily at Municipal Water Puppet Theater at Dinh Tien Hoang street near Ngoc Son Temple. In Hanoi your family also should visit the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh and surrounded grassland in Ba Dinh Square, the place embodies the burial place of the Ho Chi Minh, the first President of Vietnam. Don’t forget to try Vietnamese foods like Bun Cha which is made from grilled pork and a kind of noodle, President Obama did eat this dish; Pho (one of the most popular dishes in the North), Banh Xeo….

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Many said that it is not complete for a trip to Hanoi without a trip to appealing Halong Bay, one of the seven Wonders of Nature. Spending a long night on a luxury cruise and on the emerald green waters with thousands of islands is an unforgettable memory. Halong Bay is a magnificent tourist destination. It is the ideal place for family holiday in Vietnam.

After sleeping on a cruise, your kids might seem excited with new feelings on the train to Lao Cai then catch a bus to Sapa, the paradise of the North. Sapa is a lovely highland station town which is famous for lush mountain ranges, breathtaking views and rice fields, tribe minorities. Homestay is one of your choices when visiting Sapa. The kids will have an opportunity to experience the local life as they cannot have in your country. Visiting the small fresh market for locals is also a good idea. It is pretty similar to other local markets, sells products, meats, herbal remedies or crafts and fabrics.

Travel down to the central of Vietnam and immerse yourselves into the peace

The Central part is exceptionally prosperous in heritage and history, consisting of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hue, used to be the Cultural capital of Vietnam, was a significant center of political influence. Hoi An remained the most imperative trading center until the 18th century. A whole day in Hoi An is good but the best experience that UNESCO listed is in the evening when the lanterns are switched on and the candles are released into the water as the magic of the river. Hoi An is worth staying late when it gets dark and tourists can set eyes on the candle lit, the street food hawkers, and the lanterns. A special thing is that you can get clothes and shoes made here. For example, the kids will have their feet measured, pick the style they like or want, pattern and color of the shoes. A few days later you can return and pick them up. It is totally interesting.

While Hanoi has Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hue, another Imperial city, has a huge Citadel that can take you several hours to explore with a tour guide. Though a large part of the Citadel was damaged during the Vietnam War when American threw down the blanket bombs onto the city, most of the construction can still be seen. Get a good guide to adore both beautifully peaceful scenes and its rough past. Another symbol of the city is the tall Thien Mu Pagoda with seven stories. In the 1960s when the Pagoda was built and most of the Catholic government became oppressive and discriminating of Buddhism, it was the center of most of the Buddhist demonstrations and complaints against the Diem regime and government. The problem became highest when Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burnt himself in the Austin car in Ho Chi Minh City in 1963. It was visible to the international media. Along the Perfume River (song Huong), there are some tombs of ancient emperors like Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Dong Khanh,… Khai Dinh’s Tomb is the tomb of the last emperor of Vietnam which is up on a hill outside of Hue and is one of the most luxurious in the Nguyen Dynasty with dragon sculptures complex decorations. Besides visiting the ancient monuments and tombs, tourists can also arrange a boat trip along Perfume Rivers, where tourists can enjoy the splendid sceneries while catch sight of Hue specialties and royal art performance.

Discovering the Southern with family holiday in Vietnam

Move on the Southern of Vietnam, your family has a chance to discover the local lifestyle in Mekong Delta and experience the largest floating market then explore the pure, beautiful and wild beaches. The Mekong Delta is located in southern Vietnam and Cambodia, so the culture is exclusive. In order to open up the sceneries, your family will take a wooden motor boat to the spectacular Unicorn Island where people make living from orchards, bee farms, making coconut candies and fishing. Taking a boat trip around the island, trying to make coconut candies once and making enjoy the taste of the fresh tropical fruits from the orchards are stimulating activities for kids. Another high spot for tourists is the floating markets belonging to the Mekong Delta. You should get up early in the morning then voyage cross the channels, observe how the local people make trading on the water. Fruits and vegetables are sold directly from the boats when the owners hang the goods on long poles. Everyone can see from far away and offer what they want to buy. Because of local production, these goods are always fresh and clean. It is safe for your kids.

If your kids love both beaches and mountains, Phu Quoc is ideal. Phu Quoc is located in the central of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia; that is why Phu Quoc offers the best seafood in the country. It is not overstated that you will love Phu Quoc at first sight because there are a plenty of attractive spots to witness like National park area, Ham Ninh fishing village, Long beach or Sao beach. There is also a morning market on the way you visit Ham Ninh village, in which you could buy fresh fruits and unique local goods such as mushroom, fresh island pepper, and flower crabs. Everything here costs pretty cheap. Sao beach which is located on the south eastern side of Phu Quoc Island is not only the best beach in Vietnam but in all of Southeast Asia as well. Stopping to visit fish sauce factories is a completely unique experience. Phu Quoc is famous for its production of extremely high-quality fish sauce which is exported all over the world. It is also a major contributor to the island economy. As a souvenir for your friends and family, you may buy some fish sauce at the airport in the departure lounge.

Come to Vietnam, a multi-nationalty country with 54 enthnic groups, travelers will experience the rich culture, interesting history with the great battles to gain and protect the national independence. Moreover, you have a chance to try many kinds of Vietnamese good foods in every lane in Vietnam. Friendly locals always welcome you. It is interesting when you spend your family holiday in Vietnam

Useful tips

What is the best family holiday in Vietnam? Which festivals and events are held?

When you visit Danang at the end of April, the government holds the annual Danang International Firework Competition. There will be a colorful party of firework performance which is so stunning and majestic at night.

Dalat is a romatic love land in which the biggest festival – Flower Festival will be held every two year. During this festival, your family will be impressed on hundreds kinds of beautiful flower with the spectacular demonstration.

Especially, visiting Vietnam on Tet holiday becomes more meaningful. Tet holiday is the most important holiday of Vietnamese people. At this time, everyone all tries their best to come back home because of the family reunion. After a hard working year, Vietnamese want to sit together and welcome a new year with a hope of being well and a better life. It is similar to Christmas as Western culture. So it is a precious chance to explore how the local inhabitants make preparation for the family holiday in Vienam.

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