The spiritual meaning of releasing fish in Kitchen God Day

Nga Do
Kitchen God day on 23rd December every year according to lunar calendar, it cannot be lack of carp which is mean of Kitchen God. However, the right way to release fish is known by less people. According to traditional custom, Vietnamese people believe that on 23rd December every year, Kitchen God will ride fish to fly to the heaven to report all events of a family to Jade Emperor. And in New Year Eve, he will come back to the earth to continue his job which is taking care of kitchen in the family.

Releasing carp in Kitchen God Day show wishes for a good, happy and lucky New Year. Besides the meaning of “carp changes dragon and passing by Sky Gate as the mean of Kitchen God to fly to the heaven, the custom on 23rd December expresses valuable humanity of Vietnamese people. In mind of Vietnamese people, releasing carp is the meaning of sublimation, the symbol of consistence and noble personality. Therefore, the custom is still saved and remained until now.

The spiritual meaning of releasing fish in Kitchen God Day 2
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According to tradition, carp has to be release before Horse hour (at 12h on 23rd December) when Kitchen God can go to heaven on time. Therefore, from night of 22nd to the early morning of 23rd December, many people release carp on river, lake or spring near to their house. Releasing carp to suit for spiritual meaning and protecting environment is not known by all people. Some people don’t release carp, they throw or pour carp into rive, even they throw plastic bags to the river. The actions will not only protect environment but also express unrespect to traditional custom of Vietnam and wrong meaning.

Carp need to be released slowly and lightly into river. Many people also carefully fire incense to pray lucky and good things for their family and relatives, and then release carp into the river lightly. If doing that, you can find peaceful in your mind and protect around environment.

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