How to make spring rolls fried

Nga Do
“Chả giò” (or Nem Rán in the North) is one of the most popular traditional Vietnamese food for Tet holiday, literally meaning minced pork roll.

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20 Minutes 

Cook time:
25 Minutes

Prepare ingredients:

1 pound ground pork
0.1 pound grass vermicelli or a pack of instant noodle
1 cup shredded carrot
4-5 ear mushroom
30-40 rice papers
2 eggs
Cooking oil
Salt and pepper

For Dipping sauce:

2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp lemon/vinegar
2 tbsp sugar

Detail recipe:

How to make spring rolls fried 2
1 -  Mix all milled pork, diced vegetable, crushed mushroom, onion, eggs, sault, and pepper in one pot. 
2 -  Roll up this mixture in a sheet of moist rice paper
3 -  Deep fry deeply the roll until the rice paper coat turns crispy and golden brown.
4 -  Display all the fried roll on the dish with herbs

Dipping sauce: mix sugar, fish sauce and lemon together, add in fresh minced garlic and chili if desired.

Requirement: The rolls are golden brown, not burnt, not cracky, crispy. If diced carrots and jicama are used, the stuffing might be a little bit crunchy, matching the crispy fried rice paper, but the juice from these vegetables can cause the rolls to soften after a short time. The ingredients, however, are not fixed

Servings: “Nem rán” can be eaten by itself, wrapped in lettuce, dipped into fish sauce mixed with lemon juice or vinegar, water, sugar, garlic and chili pepper, or served with rice vermicelli. 

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