The best destinations for your adventure tour in Viet Nam

Nga Do
Are you the real adventurers? If your answer is the big YES, be nimble-footed to experience an Adventure Tour in Viet Nam whenever you’re free. Not everybody gets chances to make a tour of lifetime.

If you’re about to be on tours, it’s the very big luck and you should always appreciate what you have while the others haven’t. Budget, time, partner, knowledge, guide, etc., are what every tourist yearns for in order to obtain the most satisfactory tours. As an adventurer, you’re of course can tour solo, but the necessity is the relevant knowledge about the best destinations to stop by. In that sense, have you known the best tourist sites for your Viet Nam Adventure Tour yet? Different adventure-seeking backpackers can provide different answers, but please let us specially draw your attention to four most ideal destinations which seem to be born for the adventurers only! 

The 4 Must-See Viet Nam Tourist Destinations for So-Called Adventurers

First of all, Mai Chau successfully convinces the others of its absolute natural beauty. It is the spectacular landscape of terraced rice fields that can lead you to the heaven step by step. Since the charm of Mai Chau is boundless, the adventurers are showered with immeasurable number of chances to go see the actual essentials of the land. Mai Chau tourist destination is the valley of Thai people; it’s dominated with the radiant carpet of green rice fields. Just spend several days to explore the mountain area by trekking and also mingle with the hill-tribe people, you will soon stay highly interested in the daily life activities at the Thai village. 

Ba Be Lake is another excellent spot for the so-called adventurers to try trekking. It’s the largest natural lake in Vietnam which is surrounded by the limestone cliffs and also covered by the original forests. There also stands a large waterfall here. Thanks to the rich collection of flora and fauna, Ba Be National Park is strongly inspirational for trekking. Coming to this destination, the adventurers’ eyes are pleased with a wide array of animals, plants, and natural scenes. 

And if you’re fond of snorkeling, Whale Island Nha Trang is the must-see place indeed. The attractive island provides the best program for snorkeling in the beautiful island. Just stay and discover the Whale Island, the adventure-seeking tourists can freely snorkel and immerse themselves into the crystal clear water. The pure blue scenes fulfill your adventurous spirit. The full-day underwater discovery of Whale Island is very interesting with beautiful coral, colorful fish, and totally pure background. 

How about rock climbing, my adventurers? Do not miss this venturesome activity and great experience in Cat Ba Island. You’re free to conquer various rocky shapes available at the pristine island to show off your bravery. The cool balance between the hard rock climbing and relaxing stay at Cove Beach resort accelerate the success rate of your adventure tour in Viet Nam. Roaming around the island in the early morning helpfully motivates everybody to regain their lost energy and hearten up their adventuresome passion in the most energetic manner. Just being the rock climbers and you will definitely stay pleased with a sense of victory.

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