Chicken fight in Vietnam

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Chicken fight is a traditional game that takes place all around the world. In Vietnam, the game was first introduced in the Ly Dynasty. The chickens were trophies from the battles. Many countries have banned chicken fight due to the animal preserve policy. However, the game is still popular in Vietnam.

Chicken fight area

Each province and city in Vietnam has its own famous chicken fight village or area.

In the North, there are Do Son (Hai Phong), Nghi Tam, Nghia Tan, Van Ho (Ha Noi).

Chicken fight in Vietnam 1

In the South, there are Cho Lach (Ben Tre), Cao Lanh (Dong Thap), Chau Doc (An Giang), Ba Diem, Ho Nai (Dong Nai), Tan Bien (Bien Hoa), etc. Chicken fights are competitive here. Chickens are equipped with steel chicken-shoes. This makes the skill of the chicken matters less.

In the Central, there are Phan Rang (Khanh Hoa), Van Gian, Go Dui (Phu Yen), Song Ve, Sa Huynh (Quang Ngai). Chickens in the central are purely young gladiators.

How to pick the chicken

Chicken fight in Vietnam 2

Female fighting chickens are not sold, but given to love ones for breeding purposes. Durable ones are genetics. Males are also important. The father must be an undefeated fighter, a strong eater, a gifted gladiator to breed potential. It’s hard to pick one from a bunch.

This is what a champion looks like

There are 5 body parts that crucially determine a chicken’s fighting potential

    Big bill, wide mouth, strawberry-like head, and square eyes.
    Big, long, and straight neck.
    Wide back, long
    Thighs are big and longer than wings.
    Thin and sharp legs, dry nails.

Of course, there are exceptions. But these features pretty much always win.

Colors also tell a good fighting chicken

Chicken fight in Vietnam 3

Grey feather should not go with white legs. They are usually fragile. However, purple feather with white legs means deadly strikes. Those with 5-color feather and white legs are seemingly impossible to beat.

Those who make 7 sounds in a crow are considered to be chicken gods.

The runaways sometimes are the smart ones. As the opponent chase after, a runaway can surprisingly turn around, kick the opponent in the face, and win the match. However, the ones that can go head-to-head are the most valued. They can counter every maneuver and react to every attack.

Chicken care

Taking care of a fighting chicken is hard work. Hang the food up high to work its leg strength. Maybe add some meat and protein into its diet.

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