Sinh Village Festival

Nga Do
Sinh village is the last address preserved traditional wrestling of Vietnamese. The wrestling competition is held on January 10th Lunar month every year. Sinh village wrestling ceremony is held in the areas of An village (also known as Sinh village), Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district. This is a traditional cultural activity; the wrestlers will compete in the circle forms.

The elders in Sinh village, wrestling ceremony has a history over 200 years and continuous developing so far. This ceremony differs from the other one in different villages because the Sinh held wrestling ceremony as a form of entertainment after the Tet holiday but not for aims of selecting pugilist for feudal court at the time. According to custom of village, wrestlers can be in other areas and any audience can also be joining in. Therefore, wrestlers came to Sinh village to take part in competition.

The Sing wrestling ceremony is basically applied the principle of national wrestling law; wrestling want to pass qualification round must win 3 opponents. If wrestlers pass the qualification round, they will be stepped into semi-final. In the semi-final, the wrestlers must be pass one opponent to come final round.

The Sinh wrestling ceremony has focused on martial spirit so that wrestlers cannot use dangerous attack such as: cracking, twisting, locking joints… A unique feature in Sing ceremony is teamwork spirit at the local people, a wrestler of the village will have lost, another wrestler will relay. If losing a competition, wresters will be waited until next year, so that wrestlers often practice regularly in order to join in ceremony next year.

Besides, the ceremony not only brings material spiritual factors as expected for health, bumper harvest,… but also is a fun activity with martial spirit. Sinh village festival annual has attracted thousands of foreign visitors to Vietnam Tourism. Sinh village festival in Hue promises to bring a trip so interesting for traveler.

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