Cuop Cau Festival

Nga Do
Danh Phet is played by using sticks but Cuop Cau is played by hands.

Dieu Luong commune, Cam Khe district sacrifices the genie on the 4th of lunar January. People take the genie’s tablet to the outside and put it in front of alter. They dig 3 holes, then put the wooden ball into the middle one. Players stand on the two sides of that hole. After the oldest person sings a sentence, players will run towards the middle hole to secure the ball, then bring it to their hole.

Dong Vien village – Dong Phu commune – Cam Khe district also hold the game in the afternoon of the 4th of lunar January. The priest wears a large-sleeved ceremonial robe solemnly takes the ball and puts on the alter, then backs out to the communal house’s yard, on which male players of seven different cycles of twelve years arrange into two or three lines. They all wear long robes. After the first tone of gong and drum, players open the buttons of their robes. After the second tone, they open their robes. After the third tone, the priest will throw the ball and players will begin fighting to secure the ball. Festival also contributes to the culture of Vietnam becoming rich and diverse.

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