Ha Giang Trekking Tours – Admire The Buckwheat Flower Season

Nga Do
Being one of the mountain paths in the Northwest Vietnam, Ha Giang has been endowed with astonishing landscapes which impress thousand of tourists each year. Ha Giang trekking tours are popular choices for young people who love to move and have an adventure.

Ha Giang is not only attractive with its winding roads, stone fences or soil-wall houses but also with colorful flowers, white plum blossom, peach blossom, yellow cauliflower… and especially buckwheat flower. Nowadays, Ha Giang is not the only place grown this kind of flower. You can find out it in other places such as Dalat, Moc Chau.

This article will give you some useful information to admire the buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang when independently traveling.

When is the best time to admire the buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang trekking tours?

From October until the end of December, it’s the season of the buckwheat flower. However, in the first days of October, travelers and photographers flock to Ha Giang to take pictures, admire its beauty and visit many landscapes or explore the unique culture of the ethnic minority. It seems to be difficult to say in words the beauty of Ha Giang in the flower season. At that time, when the terraced fields are harvested, the rock area of Ha Giang is covered by the pink color of buckwheat flower. That creates the romantic view from nature.

Buckwheat flower is a food crop of the poor, people here used to plant to reserve for the remaining pre-harvest days, Buckwheat powder is fermented for wine, stalks are used as feed for livestock.The most widely grown flower is on the hills of Dong Van District, Xi Man, Hoang Su Phi, Lung Cam village, Sa Phin.

In recent years, the fame of buckwheat flower fields has spread everywhere. Therefore, that is also a high season of Ha Giang tourism.

What should you pay attention to?

During that time, the Ha Giang weather is quite cold in early morning and in the evening, you should bring overcoat, trekking shoes and necessary things. Don’t miss your camera.

This flower has a life cycle of about a month. At first, the flowers are white, they turn to pinkish purple and finally dark red. No one can expect the barren steep highlands with rugged rocks could grow such gentle flowers. It is a reason to say that the flower is considered as a highlight of Ha Giang trekking tours.

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