Part 2: The Road to 6 Famous Traditional Flower Villages in and near Hanoi in Tet Holiday

Nga Do
Hanoi has long been famous for flower villages of Nghi Tam, Quang Ba …, the favorite destinations of the majority people of the capital. Not only that, at present, the surrounding areas such as Xuan Quan, Phung Cong (Hung Yen) also grow many beautiful flowers.

4. Nhat Tan flower village

Nhat Tan Village is famous for  very skillful level of peach flower cultivation that no elsewhere can reach. In addition to peach, people here also grow many different kinds of flowers, so the space here is filled with cool green of the flowers and plants. Especially, when Lunar New Year is approaching, Nhat Tan is full of bright red- pink color of peach blossom making a typical scene of the spring air. Besides the two flowers of spring, villagers also plant many daisies, butterfly flower, bachelor button, serve the needs of wedding photography of the young and daily supply fresh flowers for the market.

How to get there: There are many ways for travelers to reach Nhat Tan flower village. The first way, as well as the most common way, is to drive along Nghi Tam embankment to Quang An flower market, then turn on and go through the village to the cemetery. The 2nd way is to go through the People’s Committee of Tan Nhat ward, turn round and you will see the stone plaque with the words  “Lang hoa Nhat Tan” (Nhat Tan flower village).

5. Xuan Quan Flower Village

Currently, Xuan Quan commune, Van Giang district, Hung Yen has a total area of nearly 200 hectares of arable which are all in the causeway. In the commune, there are over 200 household’s involve in the production of flowers and ornamental plants of all kinds with a total area of 90 hectares. Flowers and ornamental plants grown mainly include: traditional flowers (roses, chrysanthemums, Gerbera, Dahlia flower…), high-quality flowers (lilies, Phalaenopsis orchids,  Pauper Orchids,…), hanging flower, carpeted trees, tree for works (Calabash Tree, Barringtonia…)

How to get there: You can go across Chuong Duong, Vinh Tuy or Thanh Tri bridge then go along the slope of the dike to reach Bat Trang pottery village, but you do not turn to the village, instead, you cross Bac Hung Hai bridge approximately 2 km then you will see a lot of signs. Xuan Quan flower village is outside the Red River dike and can be easily recognized by the plastic roofs in the beginning of the village.

6. Phung Cong Flower Village

Also situated in Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, Phung Cong is quite famous for growing plants and flowers. In addition to planting flowers such as orchids, lily, Begonia, poinsettias … people here are planting a lot of varieties such as Weeping fig, Freshwater Mangrove, Indian Oak…

In particular, Phung Cong village is famous for planting camellia whose another name is Begonia flower, a kind of flower sold at Tet and preferred by many people.

How to get there: To reach the flower village of Phung Cong, you drive in the direction to Bat Trang pottery village, but not turn to the village, instead, you cross Bac Hung Hai bridge approximately 2 km then you will see a lot of signs. The village is located to the left slopes of the Red River dike.

Floriculture in flower villages in and near Hanoi is also a traditional craft passed from many generations. Along with many new flower varieties, new breeding, planting techniques, flower villages in Hanoi daily still beautify the capital by tens, hundreds types of flowers and plants.

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