Part 1: The Road to 6 Famous Traditional Flower Villages in and near Hanoi in Tet Holiday

Nga Do
Near Tet holiday, tourists should visit the famous flower villages in Hanoi and surrounding areas such as Nghi Tam, Tay Tuu, Me Linh, Lien Mac, Xuan Quan to see many beautiful flowers and take wonderful photos.

Every year, when the spring comes and Tet is close, Hanoi is filled with vibrant colors of roses, chrysanthemums, peach, Gerbea, Dahlia flowers… These flowers are supplied from abundant source in the suburban villages, many places still move agricultural land to grow flowers all year round.

1. Tay Tuu flower village

Tay Tuu flower village is in Bac Tu Liem district, nearly 20 km from the center of Hanoi, with a long tradition of floriculture. From early October in lunar calendar every year, people in Tay Tuu commune are busy preparing for Tet flowers season. The main flower planted in Tay Tuu is daisy. At this point, you will be overwhelmed by bright yellow daisy fields stretching intercropped with Chrysanthemum Multicaule, roses and gerberas. Apart from daisy, at Tet, violet flower, gladiolus, dahlia flowers blooming in spring weather makes Tet atmosphere more close and clear.

How to get there: tourists drive along Ho Tung Mau road (the continuous road of Cau Giay – Xuan Thuy streets) then along road 32 to the intersection of Tram Troi where has Industrial College, you turn right, drive about another 2 km then you will reach Tay Tuu flower. You will find flower fields spreading along the roadsides. Tay Tuu village is located near Tay Tuu flower market, adjacent to the road surface.

2. Lien Mac Flower Village

Lien Mac is a village about 12 km from Hanoi center towards Thang Long Bridge, located along the Red River and bears the style of Northern Plains. It is a peaceful village, people live mainly basing on agriculture. In recent times, a new industry, growing flowers, has been developed by villagers. Since Lien Mac is located close to Tay Tuu flower village, Tay Tuu people rent farmers’ fields of Lien Mac to grow flowers. Therefore, it is also a flower supply which is no less than Tay Tuu, apart from that, Lien Mac villagers also plant many grapefruits. In the village there are large bonsai nurseries of orchid flowers, American coconut…

How to get there: From the center of the capital, you drive along Au Co road to the foot of Thang Long Bridge, then go along the dike slope to Ve then Chem communal houses, you will see a bridge crossing the dam embankment, crossing the bridge about 2 km along the slope of the dike, you will see the entrance to Lien Mac village in the left of the road below the dike.

3. Me Linh flower Village

No as ancient as Nhat Tan flower village, but the flower village Me Linh is well known because it is the main flower supply of Hanoi and some northern provinces in the festivals and holidays. The floriculture has been developed in this village for over 10 years. The soil here is most suitable for planting roses. On the night of frost weather, Me Linh flower gardens are extremely beautiful in the hundreds light of the bulbs lighted throughout the field, creating a special setting. These bulbs help to warm the rosebuds. Flower will be sold at Tet.

How to get there: Me Linh flower village is located 30 km from the city center, close to Noi Bai International Airport. You can drive a motorcycle or take the bus No. 7. From the city center, you take the Thang Long bridge to the flyover leading to Thang Long industrial zone, turn on the road to the industrial park but you do not enter the area, instead, you drive about another 5km to reach Me Linh flower village. You will also immediately see the vast fields of flowers along the roadside.

The next section will continue to introduce other famous flower village near Hanoi, please also await.

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