Noong Lake - the Heaven of Ha Giang

Not only famous for Dong Van Stone Plateau or the beautiful craggy mountain pass, Ha Giang is also known by the mystery and attractiveness of the lake Noong - which has long been known as a "heaven", attracting a lot of tourists.

Noong Lake - the Heaven of Ha Giang
Photo by Giang A Phon
The Noong Lake is the nature lake, which is located in Phu Linh Commune, Vi Xuyen District, Ha Giang Province. The Noong Lake is one of the most beautiful floated forests of Viet Nam.

This is the ancient fresh lake that is spread on the Noong 1 and Noong 2 Village. The Noong Lake has an area of 80ha in the rainy season and 20ha in the dry season, which is covered by the 700ha primary forest.

In the middle of the lake, there are some green and dried trees that create the interesting landscape. The Noong Lake is the special wetland, where the local people can raise fish and grow vegetable.

The water of the lake is from the Lo river, which flows through the groundwater slot in the middle of the two primary forest. This is the reason why there are many fishes from Lo River in the rainy season. 

There are many kinds of fishes living here, includes the catfish and the others, which creates the lively populations.

Coming to the Noong Lake, tourists can admire the different landscape of the rainy season and dry season. They can travel around on the dugout boat in the rainy season. In the dry season, tourists can enjoy the great view with the duck, goose and the lonely huts on the surface.

Every day, the local people come to the lake and catfish and shrimp, then they share for each other at the end of the day. Tourists can admire the peaceful life with the hard-working farmers, fishermen and the innocence children.

Resting here, tourists can also enjoy the special cuisines such as: Bitter fish, chicken, duck, goat, cow, pasty and many kinds of vegetables. Especially the Bitter fish, which is cooked into many delicious dishes: grill, fry and make sour soup with tomato, young bamboo,…

Come to Ha Giang, do not forget to drop by this heaven and enjoy delicious food here :)

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