Ha Giang Colored With Beautiful Buckwheat Flowers at the End of Every Year

Ha Giang is welcoming tourists to Northwest area by blossoming buckwheat flower season and unique cultural festivals.

Ha Giang belongs to highland provinces of the North of Vietnam with the unique culture and long history of formation. In here, during the development of the country, communities of ethnic minorities preserve and promote good cultures and customs.

Ha Giang Colored With Beautiful Buckwheat Flowers at the End of Every Year
Photo by Giang A Phon
And in the journey of Ha Giang peoples, a kind of flower becomes a pride and inspiration of their spiritual life: buckwheat flower.

Simple but lovable, modest but charming, buckwheat is harmonious with the green color of forest and grey color of mountains which is a big inspiration for art creativeness. But the most profound and beautiful feature of the flower is its meaning that its slender shape but full of energy and beauty always comes across the fierce challenge of nature. When autumn is coming, the flower becomes more splendid and attractive.

In October every year, Ha Giang mountain is covered fabulous color of buckwheat flower which is an indispensable destination in your journey.

During the festival, interesting cultural activities are organized like buckwheat flower wine night, traditional music performance, fashion performance of ethnic minorities of Ha Giang, the cultural night of H’Mong people, the gallery of buckwheat flower.

Coming to Ha Giang to contemplate the charming beauty of these buckwheat flowers and have good photos with them :)

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