The Charming Features of Son Tra Peninsula

Come to Vietnam, you’ve surely heard about Danang, the most worth–living city of our country. What make Danang city a striking spot on the tourism map are its location and its scenic beauty. Among beautiful places in Danang, Son Tra Peninsula, a place as a privilege offered generously by Mother Nature to Danang, is such an ideal destination for you to visit. From Son Tra peninsula, you can see anyplace in Danang.

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Son Tra is the name of the peninsula and the mountain located on Son Tra District, about 10 kilometers to the North – east from Danang city center, almost covered by the sea, on the height of 693 meters altitude compared to sea level. People call Son Tra Peninsula “the precious pearl” of the city, because of its mountain, its beautiful long, winding coastline and the forest with a variety of flora and fauna system.


Our peninsular seems like it is in shape of a mushroom, with the mushroom head is the mountain and the body is the alluvial sand area which create a beautiful golden coastline. Moreover, many local people believe that Son Tra Peninsula is the shield covering and protecting Danang city from natural disasters.

How Son Tra Peninsula attracts tourists? 

Son Tra Peninsula is the convergence of all the factors which can interest tourists. Come to this place, you will have chance to enjoy the beach, to visit and discover the excitement wild old forest, to relax in the peninsula’s resorts, to have the fantastic feeling when you get on the mountain… These are part of the features that make Son Tra Peninsula unique and unforgettable for tourists coming to Danang city.

Son Tra Peninsula is the place where you can experience so many interesting things, from the stunning natural landscape to the ideal places of entertainment, from the mountain to the sea. In Son Tra, there are a lot of destinations that you have to visit at least one time in your life.


Imagine that after spending a long time working tiredly, you immerse yourself in cool fresh water, on a lovely sunny day;  lie under a parasol, close your eyes and enjoy the wind from the sea; watch a school of little fish swimming around, and try local seafood with its hot, spicy and salty flavor, roasted on the grills… That’s such a wonderful feeling which anyone wants to have. Come to Son Tra Peninsula, you don’t have to imagine any more, because it is where you can find this wonderful feeling, and even more than that.

Nothing is more enjoyable than to take a nap in a leaf hut on the clean and smooth golden sand, listen to the song of the sea waves, try the salty taste from each light breeze, and let the cool water gently touch your skin. If you are a fan of beach tourism, come to Rang Beach and Bụt (Buddha) Beach to feel the peace and fresh atmosphere, stay in lovely small houses or watch some flocks of canaries flying and making their nests on protruding cliffs.


Located on the position facing the gorgeous beaches, Son Tra Mountain has its glamor that no one can refuse. When you are on the top of the mountain, especially at dawn and sunset, just take a deep breath, enjoy the cool clean air and enjoy the outstanding view of the whole dynamic Danang city, charming Han River, the Marble Mountains, Ba Na – King Mountain…

Stand here and you will feel like all of the beautiful landscapes are caught in your sight, in the most romantic way. And I’m sure that is also the moment when you realize the true values of your life.

One of the famous and interesting destinations on the Son Tra Mountain that you shouldn’t forget to visit is The “Chess board” Peek, which is at an altitude of 625 meters. The special name of this peek came from a folk story which has been told for hundreds of years. Rumor has it, once upon a time, Son Tra Peninsula is the place that the nymphs from heaven often landed to play and take shower, and here also the place where two gods played chess. Because of peering at those beautiful nymphs, a god was distracting and he was defeated by his rival. He really got mad, so he kicked the chess board into the sea and flied back to the heaven.

Nowadays, the beach where the nymphs played becomes the most beautiful beach in Vietnam with the name “Tien Sa”, which means “nymphs landing”, and the chess board of the two gods is still beneath the sea as a virtual but real legend of Son Tra. To remember this legend, Son Tra people made and put a statue of Indra sitting alone beside a stone chess board, and how the name “Chess board” Peek comes. Every year, thousands of visitors come here to watch the statue, take picture when they “play chess” with Indra in an immense and lyrical space.

The forest

When visiting Sơn Tra Peek, you can enjoy the sweet sound of the water flowing along the streams, lies inside the old forest with a variety of plants. If you want to watch the strongly pouring water like hysteria, come to Fairy Stream and Stone Stream. The stream flows through rocks, trees; sometimes it goes slightly, sometimes it laps at the rocks, which makes the white foam. Walking along the streams’ bank, you can hear the voices of many kinds of animals hiding somewhere, talking with their friends, which create a beautiful and intimate harmony that can only be found here. On the banks of the streams, there are stones in different shapes which make people think of the shapes of cute animals or the shape of benches for you to stop and rest for a while before continue your trip.

Son Tra Natural Reserve  

On January 24th 1977, the Prime Minister of Vietnam promulgated decision that Son Tra Forest was listed as SUF (special use forest) system in the country, with the total area of 4,439 hectares. It has both the coastal wetland ecosystem and the moist primary rainforest, where the Northern and the Southern typical ecosystem exchange with each other. Son Tra Natural Reserve is the home of about 298 species of plants and over 100 species of animals, including dozen of endangered species listed in the World’s Red book such as red chicken, python reticulatus, aquatic animals, and red–shanked douc, endemic primate of Indochina need to be protected. There are more than 400 red-shanked douc sharing the forest with a lot of other primate species like long-tailed macaques, rhesus…

One special factor making tourist visit Son Tra Natural Reserve is the Thousand-year Banyan Tree, and it is considered to be the city’s heritage. Many people wonder about the age of the great Banyan Tree, they want to know how old it is, but so far, the answer hasn’t been offered.

Linh Ung Pagoda – the amulet of Danang

For the tourists who love the scene of temples and pagodas, or have a strong belief in Buddha, visiting Linh Ung Pagoda is really worth it. Its structure is the combination between modern architecture and ancient Buddhist style. Located in an outstanding position, Linh Ung Pagoda is believed to be the unique amulet protects Danang city from natural disasters and keeps fishermen safe and doing well. The pagoda is surrounded by many enormous and green trees. Many people come here to worship and pray, hope the happiness and luckiness will come to them and their families.

The most notable point of the temple is the statue of the Lady Buddha (Quan Am Bo Tat) which is 67 meters high, located at the center of the pagoda. This statue can be seen anywhere along the coastline of Danang.

Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, you will find yourself relaxed, less depression, like all the worries and hardship of the working days are all melted into nothingness, leave space for purity and peace of this sacred place.


Not only is a place which is famous for the extra-ordinate landscape, Son Tra Peninsula also famous for many wonderful resorts. With modern facilities and hearted care services, enjoying your holiday in these resorts is surely one of your wonderful experiences in this beautiful land.

With these attractive destinations, your trip will have many meaningful and memorable experiences. Come to
Son Tra Peninsula and enjoy your best moments in the Heaven on Earth.

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