Wonderful Places to Go in Sapa

Recently, tourists have had a preference to visit Sapa. So, what make it outstanding? There are many reasons for its fame such as fascinating landscape, tasty cuisine, cool climate and interesting activities to join in. Here are some places you should go in Sapa to have great time here.

Sapa Stone Church. Photo: Vietnam Typical Tours
Sapa Love market

Ethnic minorities around the town with the most colourful and beautiful clothes take part in Sapa Love Market. Saturday is the busiest day in the week with a lot of tourist flows to the market.

Sapa is also famous for its love market, which takes place on saturday evenings. The love market of Sapa used to be the place to find a partner to get married. With the tourism, the real love market does not take place anymore. Currently you can only see a representation of the love market. Do not miss it anyway if you are staying here a Saturday night. Young Red Dzao hill tribe used to come to Sapa to sing songs to the opposite sex. Girls sang the songs hidden in the dark, when a boy found them, and if they matched together, they disappeared into the forest for three days. Some of them got married after that.

While Dao women are indeed highly industrious, the men, it seems, prefer to spend most of their time drinking, smoking opium or sleeping, only occasionally slapping the rump of a lethargic bovine moving more slowly than they are. Few of their songs, though, are about drinking, smoking opium, sleeping or slapping rumps.

Visiting local villages

Villages of ethnic minority

You can definitely walk around Sapa town without local tour guide, however, you will get valuable experiences when joining with those people. After a long sleeping with Sapa homestay services in a village, the best way to explore the villages is joining with local tour guide who is good at adventurous places, culture and languages. You should go with ethnic minority tour guide, because you will have chance to explore interesting life and culture in those villages.

The closest village to Sapa town is Cat Cat village, far about 3km from Sapa town at the Southern. Like another village, Cat Cat Village has winding and beautiful roads. If you are afraid of tired, you can catch a local driver and you will have another interesting experience on a motorbike.

Another popular village is Ta Phin Village of Red Dzao people, far 10km from Sapa town. Normally, tourists will catch a local driver or motorbike to drive to the village in 8km. Then, tourists can walk around the village of Black H’ Mong and Red Dzao people.

To see overview beauty of the valley, you can climb to Eastern peak of Sapa through Sa Seng village of black H’ Mong people and then get down Ta Van River. In here, you can get a driver back to Sapa town.

Fansipan peak- the roof of Indochina

Hoang Lien Son range mountain surrounds Sapa valley, founded by French people and named as Tonkinese. Fansipan peak belongs to Hoang Lien Son Mountain, with the height of 3143 metre, becoming the highest peak of Vietnam. Fansipan peak is very magnificent covered cloud and snow in winter. You can conquer the peak if you have good healthy and professional climbing tools. This is an interesting but difficult challenge.

Fansipan is not far from Sapa town, only about 18km. Although the way is not far, you will have to spend 3 days to conquer the trip. On the peak, you can touch to cloud and see overview of the town.

Tram Ton Pass

The pass locates between Sapa town and Lai Chau Province, at the North of Fansipan peak, far 15km from the town. With the height of 1900metres above the sea, this is the highest pass in Vietnam. This is also called as the border of two different climates. Scenery is very beautiful, attracting a lot of tourists. Tram Ton pass near to Sapa has a cold and serious weather and fog. However, going down about hundred meters to Lai Chau Province, the atmosphere becomes warmer and has sunny. Sapa is the coldest place in Vietnam while Lai Chau province is the warmest place in the North in summer.

Silver Waterfall

With the same road, about 3km near Sapa town, Silver Waterfall is a famous tourist attraction in Sapa. With the height of 100metres, Silver Waterfall is a big waterfall but scenery around the waterfall is very charming and pristine. 

Sa Pa is a breathtaking attraction that you shouldn't miss when coming to Vietnam. Refer these suggestions for Sa Pa to have a memorable and fun trip !!!

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