Top 10 Ideal Destinations in Sa Pa (Part 2)

Let's continue our tour in Sa Pa to discover the 10 Sa Pa best attractions with the other equally beautiful ones

Top 10 Ideal Destinations in Sa Pa (Part 2)
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6. Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa’s ancient stone

Muong Hoa Valley stretches about 8km southeast from Sapa and is easy to access from the town. Here, a remarkable field of ancient stones featuring carvings of various images sits among the terraced fields and crops grown by the local ethnic people. The origin and meaning of the strange images carved on hundreds of stones remain difficult to decipher. This area has been listed as a national heritage in need of local preservation. A small, picturesque stream winds its way through the length of the valley, running through many communes and ending at Ho Village.

7. Silver Waterfall – O Quy Ho Pass

Silver Waterfall, 12km from Sapa, is a narrow, stepped waterfall that drops, in total, some 200m toward the stream in the valley below. When the water is high the falls create an impressive sound in the forest, though in dry season the water levels drop dramatically. Continue 3km past the falls, and you will reach O Quy Ho Pass, offering great views up to Mount Fansipan and down over the winding road descending toward Lai Chau.

8. Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate, 18km north of Sapa, offers beautiful scenery of a winding road among green fields. As the road crosses Tram Ton Pass to weave further into the Hoang Lien Son Range, you reach the point called Heaven’s Gate. From the pass you can enjoy a panoramic view of green fields, winding roads and Silver Waterfall, and you can also see the true size of Fansipan Mountain from this position.

9. Fairy Cave

About 6km from the centre of Bac Ha District, you can take a boat to visit a delightful Fairy Cave. Near the cave, Chay River becomes smaller and runs along the cliff face. Fairy Cave is an example of the same rock formation you find in Ha Long Bay, and local legend links the cave with the nearby Three Ladies Temple. Visitors can take in the view, swim in Fairy Stream, view the sunrise and pray for good health and prosperity.

10. Coc San Cave

Coc San Cave, in Bat Xat District about 7km from Lao Cai City, is a complex of waterfalls and small caves. It can be accessed from National Highway 4D, by a narrow 1km road. The road winds precipitously and is sometimes blocked by fallen rocks; however, it has natural and wild beauty. You will find a cave behind nearly every waterfall, and the scenery is stunning. Watching the waterfalls and viewing the cliffs and caves can be a magical experience.
So how are these attractions? Are you now excited to set up your journey to Sa Pa? What should you do firstly? Refer to our best trekking tours to be able to contemplate all these breathtaking sceneries.

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