Diep Son Island- the Hottest Destination This 2016 Summer!!

If you’re planning to travel to Nha Trang this year, besides the usual spots, just make sure to have Điệp Sơn Island on your list and get ready to be in awe for its raw beauty! 

Điệp Sơn Island (or Điệp Island in short and Hòn Điệp in Vietnamese) is a large island which contains another 3 minor islands, located on a beach site in Văn Phong, Khánh Hòa. The island is known to be famous for its ultimate beach lane that’s 800 metres long, which attracts tourists to have an adventure of their lifetime and it’s also considered to be one of the most unique islands in Vietnam.

Just like Bình Hưng – Bình Lập and Bình ba, Điệp Sơn is said to be very promising next to those mentioned destinations. For now, people are starting to explore Điệp Sơn, but mostly backpackers who dare to go deep and far.

However, due to some limited access to technology and education, life is challenging for the local people here. They mostly have to rely on electricity penetration machine for a need of electricity; kids are not well equipped with educational system and so forth; their everyday job to make a living is to go out to the sea doing fishing throughout the day. Though things are hard, but they are proud of what they have: which is the beauty of Điệp Sơn Island.

For tourists, if you guys want to take a closer look at Điệp Sơn Island. it’s highly suggested that you arrive in the early morning so that you can have freshly served breakfast like bánh canh, congee, bánh mì and so forth. Or even better, you can join the local people in Điệp Sơn for a squid hunting session and after that, the squids will be cooked into different dishes for you to enjoy .Ain’t nothing better than that!

The most important thing is, you do have to bring a flashlight with you due to the limited access to the electricity, it’s only provided from 6PM to 9PM everyday. Bare in mind that Điệp Sơn is still very raw, therefore you don’t have choices for hostels and hotels. You can bring your own tents to sleep in or ask permissions to accommodate in one of the local people’s households.

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