Binh Lap- the Maldives of Vietnam

Recently, many younger people share pictures of endless blue sea in Vietnam, compared with Maldives. An endless blue embraces a white sand bank. Big rocks shaped like rough caricatures of different animals stand sentinel on the beach. You are admiring the scenery on Binh Lap Beach.
Apart from its most popular attraction, Nha Trang, the coastal province of Khanh Hoa boasts many beaches that are still pristine, and one of them is Binh Lap, located in Cam Lap Commune, Cam Ranh District.

Binh Lap is 90km from Nha Trang and 35km from the Cam Ranh Airport. From the Ba Ngoi Wharf in Nha Trang, it used to take two hours to get to Binh Lap Village, which overlooks the sea from a comfortable height. However, in recent years, it can be accessed by motorbikes via a newly- built road that skirts around the Nui Chua Mountain. This is a good way to enjoy the unfolding landscape of the sky, sea and mountain.

Binh Lap beach locates in Binh Hung Island, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. Binh Lap beach still owns primitive and rustic beauty.

From the beach, you can see immense and romantic beauty of water Sea and blue sky.

Coming to Khanh Hoa, you will be attracted by Bai Ngang beach with smooth white sand and blue sea.
Another attraction of Binh Lap is architecture of resort like in Maldives. Wood port Bridge leads to the sea making poetic atmosphere and romantic feeling for tourists.
Under the blue water sea of Binh Lap, there is variety of rich coral reefs.
Hotel with 59 guestrooms are designed uniquely with luxury furniture and elegant colour. It is suitable for all tourists.

Green colour like jade is unique thing of Binh Lap, making it like Maldives more than anywhere else in the world. Wallowed in cool water, looked up as having blue sky, you seem to be separated from the busy world.

The beauty of Binh Lap doesn’t stop at blue sea. When walking on the roads, you can see franks with white flowers, coconut trees like laughing with each other, a small dam and wonderful blue colour of mountains and simple houses.

Located in a bit far, Bai Lao beach is one of the beaches which you can’t miss in your trip.
The front is sea, the behind is mountain.

The sea is always peaceful like lake.

Because seafood is caught and consumed in one day, seafood in Binh Lap always remains fresh but also cheap price. Tourists like big lobster in Binh Lap.

In the morning, there are no interesting more than sitting Banh Can shop of local people. Banh can is wonderful cake which you should try when travelling in Binh Lap.

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