Ben En National Park

This park is located in Nhu Thanh and Nhu Xuan districts, 36km from Thanh Hoa City. It is firstly established in 1992, and then expanded to now encompass an area of about 16,634 hectares, including 8,544ha of primary and recovered forest. This place is not only a protected breeding ground of many rare creatures, but also an attractive destination for ecotourism with its poetic and majestic sceneries.

Ben En National Park
Photo by Hungda
Ben En national Park has a wide and diverse system of lakes, caves, mountains and forest that is utilized to develop ecotourism. The two biggest lakes here are Ben En Lake and Muc Lake. While Ben En Lake has a tranquil feel with cool and fresh air, Muc Lake is a somehow-more-exciting destination for the many types of animals like fish and bird that populate the caves and islets of the lake.  Forests in Ben En are rich with a vast number of valuable woods such as green ironwood and mahogany.

In addition, Ben En has a limestone mountain with a beautiful and diverse system of primary caves. Among the caves, Ngoc cave is the more outstanding with its complex structure and bigger size. The inside of this cave is sparkling with rosin, and there is a giant rosin rock that resembles a pearl. The cave is named after this rock, as “Ngoc” literally means “pearl” in Vietnamese. Next to Ngoc Cave lies Can Cave, where the visitors can see all of Ben En area from the top.

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