Where to go around West Lake

The West Lake is a historical monument of Ha Noi. This is one of the largest fresh water lakes in South East Asia, and an attraction to tourists both domestic and foreign. While you are here, take some time to visit these special locations that can easily be accessed from West Lake. 
Quan Thanh temple- place to visit in West lake
Photo: Stefan Fussan
Quan Thanh Temple

For many people, this is considered the most must-see out of all temples and pagodas in Ha Noi. This is because of the beauty, and the rich history that this place carries. The main attraction in Quan Thanh temple is obviously the giant bronze statue of Huyen Thien Tran Vu, which has been around for over 3 centuries

Chu Van An National High School

This is one of the few national high schools in Vietnam. This is not a place for visitors to freely come in and take a look. However if you get the chance to visit the place by befriending a local Chu Van An student, or just observe from the lake side road, do it. Chu Van An High was opened in 1908, is the oldest, and one of the top education facilities in all of Vietnam. While you are here, enjoy the rich history, the exquisite French architecture from the early 19th century. Be amazed with area, and the students themselves, as they represent the finest that young Vietnamese generation has to offer.

Banh Tom Ho Tay

This is a traditional West Lake dish, in a traditional West Lake restaurant. It is positioned quite obvious in the middle of Thanh Nien street, and when in Vietnam, you might hear about it at least once or twice. So during your time in our country, you must try Banh Tom, and if you are in the West Lake, look no further than Banh Tom Ho Tay.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Ha Noi. It was built on a small island in West Lake, and is a mixture of sanctity and a romantic vibe across the lake. The place is sacred, and is an attraction for visitors from all around the world.

West Lake Water Park

If you do not have amusement in your plan while in Ha Noi, at least give this place a chance, especially in the summer, West Lake Water Park has all sorts of pool-related entertainment such as a wave pool, a cliff hanger, a stream pool, and so much more. And swimming is not in the agenda, there is still an amusement park as a part of West Lake Water Park, so you can be sure to have some fun during your time here.

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