Trang Tien street

Unlike the ancient theme of Old Quarter, Trang Tien street carries a luxurious look from French architecture.

Along 700m of Trang Tien lies many architectural works that has been carved deeply into the memories of every Ha Noi citizen.

Trang Tien street plaza
Photo by blue_quartz
For many decades, the people of Ha Noi have come here in need of all sorts of equipment. From a needle, a string, to a pen, a ruler, books,… or even a sewing machine or a bicycle … all can be found in a department store, now known as Trang Tien Plaza, a state of the art business center.

But nowadays, the most popular merchandise from Trang Tien street is no longer everyday implements, but only books and newspapers. Trang Tien has become the biggest book street in Ha Noi and may be in Vietnam. In recent years, more and more book stores have been built and set up down the street with the blessing of every pedestrian.

In the past, in Trang Tien only exist 2 book stores, one for domestic publish, and one for foreign publish.

Shelves next to shelves, stores after stores, it is like you are lost in a giant library, a book jungle, we should say, with colors and headings from A to Z. It is a planet of publish in all languages. Subjects vary from science, literature, history, culture, medical, physics, chemistry,… to language studies or even children.

The book market gains more and more followers over time. In the past, almost 100% of foreign publish are in Russian. Now you can find books and magazines in English, French, Chinese, Japanese,… all over the street.

Vietnamese Book Company (SAVINA) lies in 44 Trang Tien. Books in here have been organized cleverly with domestic on the first floor, foreign on the second and children on third.

In Trang Tien street, you can find your desired reading material with the least of effort. For students, they prefer the book store in number 5. Inside is 4 small rooms that are full of books, you might have to squeeze to make your way in and out.

“The feeling of getting lost in the world full of knowledge is ecstatic”, said a University Student.

 These stores not only provide material for a reasonable price, but also give out a vibe to urge people to gain more knowledge. So if you are a traveler with limited budget, this might be worth taking a look at.

Take a stroll down Trang Tien, you can feel the uncanny originality of the place. Maybe that is why this road has become one of the favorable dating locations for the capital citizens.

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