Ethnic minorities in Sapa

Located in the northwestern mountainous region of Vietnam, Sapa offers the visitors not only countless stunning landscapes and a favorable weather, but also the cultural authenticity of many ethnic minorities.

In fact, the cultural diversity formed by numerous ethnic groups in Sapa is definitely a striking feature, playing an important role in increasingly attracting both domestic and international tourists to visiting this remote area. That’s why the concept of “Ethnic tourism” has become more and more popular among those, who love exploring the quaint customs and culture of ethnic communities, typically in Sapa.

Ethnic minorities in Sapa
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Among the total number of 54 ethnic minorities found across the whole country, there are up to eight different groups living in Sapa. They comprise the Dao, Hmong, Tay, Muong, Giay, Thai, Hoa, and Xa Pho, two of which (Dao and Hmong) totally account for more than 70% of Sapa’s population. In general, a great number of the local inhabitants are subsistence farmers, while the others live in Sapa town and provide various types of travel services as the way to earn the living.

Each group of people inhabiting there all has their very own distinctive cultural features, reflecting vividly through unique spiritual rituals, beliefs, language, customs, costumes, lifestyle, abundant folk games, etc. Absolutely, there are always so many interesting things for visitors to explore in this area, especially when you choose to use homestay service provided by local people. That is always a very great way to be free to explore the cuisine, daily activities, family responsibilities, and other aspects related to their lives, beliefs, as well as traditional cultures.
Ideally, the best time to have an ethnic tourist in Sapa should be springtime, which is also known as the festive season of local people. Coming there this time, visitors will have the chance to experience so many distinguishing festivals such as Tet Nhay of Red Dao people in Ta Phin, Mong people’s Sai San festival in Can, and Xuong Dong festival of Tay group in Bac Ha, etc, then take part in mysterious and unique dances, humane folk games, and great folk songs.

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