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Tet 2020

Hanoi in young leaf season

As old leaves shed to make way for new ones, Hanoi capital soaks in an array of charming spring colours. As new leaves sprout, they turn the capital city into an artist’s magical palette.

A golden-yellow foliage creates a mystical curtain in front of Turtle Tower in Hoan Kiem Lake. 

The new-leaf season starts with spring showers in the old streets of Hanoi, ushering spring in all its glory with flickering green shoots across windows.

Hanoi wears a cheerful coat of colours.

The last leaf lingers on, reluctant to take leave for now.

A rejuvenating Hanoi in the young leaf season.

Budding red leaves after a cold winter.

A reflection of young red leaves on the lake adds charm to Hanoi’s spring.

The spring rain marks the beginning of Hanoi’s new season.

Hanoi delves into a tender green dream at night.
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