October and November – the months of flowers

Nga Do
When October and November comes with cool climate of autumn, it is the time of beautiful flowers that mesmerize tourists.

Buckwheat flower

Buckwheat flower is the special flower of the Northwest, especially in Ha Giang. This flower season starts from October to December every year. At this time, the buckwheat flower fields are covered with white color and a little pink-purple.

From the plain, valley to highland, Ha Giang buckwheat flowers are planted the most in Dong Van, Quang Ba, Yen Minh, Pho Cao, Ma Le, Meo Vac… with flower fields in the sunlight. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists will be free to enjoy and take photos with the flower fields. With each destination, the entrance fee is only 10.000 VND for tourists to take photos and enjoy the beautiful scene.


At the end of October, when winter wind comes is the time of cauliflower in Moc Chau. The local people plants cauliflower in fields so that when the flower blooms, they look like a giant carpet woven from the tiny cauliflowers.

When cauliflower season in Moc Chau comes, all the streets, the hills and the valleys are totally covered with pure white color, especially in Pha Phach, Thong Cuong, Ang Ngu Dong village, On village… In cauliflower season, Moc Chau welcomes a large number of tourists coming here to visit, contemplate and take photos with the romantic white cauliflower fields.

Daisy flower

At the end of October is the time that all the streets in Hanoi are decorated by the white color of daisy flower. Daisy flower season often lasts for 3 weeks, at the end of October and early November. Coming to Hanoi this time, tourists will have the chance to come across some daisy flower street vendors.

Nowadays, for the sake of tourists, many people have planted daisy flower in large fields for tourists to take photos, especially in Nhat Tan. The entrance fee to Nhat Tan flower garden is from 30.000 – 50.000 VND. This place attracts many young people and tourists to visit and keep the memorable moment with white daisy flower fields.

Wild sunflower

If the North has white flowers, Da Lat also has a kind of yellow flower that mesmerize tourists – wild sunflower, the special flower of the city. In October, all the streets in Da Lat are full of fresh yellow color of wild sunflower. Wild sunflower season lasts from October to December but the best time of this season is in late October, early November.

In this season, from Phu Hiep Pass, Lien Khuong airport, Tam Bo quarry, Ninh Gia Duc Trong zone to D’ran Pass are all full of yellow color of wild sunflower. Moreover, on all the streets at Lam Vien plateau, tourists can easily see the yellow color. They are planted in clusters under the shining sunlight.

Common sesban

October is the time of common sesban in the Southwest. Coming to An Giang, Dong Thap, tourists will have the chance to contemplate yellow common sesban. Common sesban is a wild flower which is only blooms in floating season. This kind of flower often lives in ponds, rivers, wet places.

At blossom time, the whole tree is covered with yellow color. The tiny flower buds gather together and look like lanterns. Not only a kind of beautiful flower, common sesban is also a kind of fresh vegetable. Common sesban can be cooked into many delicious dishes.

Water lily

Water lily blooms in autumn, in September to November. At this time, all the fields and canals in the West of Vietnam are filled with pink purple color.

To enjoy the best water lily, tourists can visit Tra Su, Tan Lap melaleuca forest, Bung Binh Thien… in the North. There is nowhere has the more beautiful water lily at Yen Fall (Perfume Pagoda, Hanoi). Like common sesban, water lily is also a kind of vegetable. This kind of vegetable is often eaten with hot pot or sour soup.

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