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Tet 2020

Discover Tet Nguyen Tieu in Hoi An

Every year,  of the 15th of the first lunar month, thousands of people gathered in Hoi An Ancient Quarter to welcome Tet Nguyen Tieu festival (first full moon of the Lunar New Year festival). 

In Chinese, Nguyen means “the first” and Tieu means “night”. Nguyen Tieu is the 15th night of the first lunar month. Most of the Vietnamese people believe that the first full moon night  of the Lunar New Year is the most important among all the fullmoons throughout the year.  On this day, they go to the pagodas  or temples to pray for  sound minds,  lucks, good health and prosperity to their family and friends.

Beside Lunar New Year festival, Tet Nguyen Tieu is a good opportunity for foreigners to experience Vietnamese spiritual culture.  Although this festival originates from China, it has been adopted in Vietnamese culture and plays a significant role in their cultural and religious lives. Therefore, Nguyen Tieu Festival is one of the important annual events of Hoi An city’s residents, particularly  the Chinese community …

During the festival this year, many traditional cultural and artistic activities such as Vietnamese poem recital, lantern festival, lion dance, lucky lottery games… took place. They made an exciting atmosphere, quite different from the usual tranquility of Hoi An ancient town, and give tourists interesting experiences of a Vietnamese multiform culture.

At night, visitors enjoy walking crowded streets under the light of colourful lanterns, join in the traditional games and enjoy street musical performances.

Try to visit Hoi An once in your life, tourists can enjoy the beauty of lanterns and witness tet Nguyen Tieu festival only once a year. Hoi An promises to bring a trip so interesting for traveler. Please contact us at:

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