The Legend of Tet Nguyen Tieu

Nga Do
According to legend: Once upon a time, there was a swan flying to the earth from the heaven. Unluckily it was killed by a hunter. The Jade Emperor was very angry and decided to punish all people on the earth. He ordered his soldiers to burn down everything on the earth on every January 15th of the lunar year.

Luckily, some Gods did not agree with the Jade Emperor’s merciless decision. They secretly helped the earth get out of the danger by lanterns and fireworks to deceive the Jade Emperor. Since then , the 15th day of the first  lunar month has  become Tet Nguyen Tieu festival with the custom of hanging lanterns, hence Lantern festival. During the festival, all the family’s members get together to offer incense to ancestors  and  pray  for a better life, lucks and good health…

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