Vietnam reached the Top 10 most luxurious resorts in the world

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Kuonio - operator famous tourist has revealed a list of 10 most luxurious destinations in 2020. Vietnam, with diverse cultures and beautiful natural landscapes ranked 8th .

Vietnam reached the Top 10 most luxurious resorts in the world
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Kuonio’s list does not surprise many people because these landmarks are always known for their beauty.

Maldives still holds the top position. Followed by Mauritius, tha‌iland, and Sri Lanka in second, third, and fourth place respectively. Bali returned to the list at fifth place. The island has always been a popular honeymoon destination, but a series of earthquakes on Lombok and Bali islands in August 2018 has reduced the flow of visitors. 460 people died and thousands of buildings were damaged, causing serious damage to the tourism industry of Indonesia.

Italy is the only European country to make it into the Top 10, at the sixth position. Other countries like Greece and Spain are in the top 20. According to Kuoni’s research, the demand for group tours Small supported by professional guidance has increased by 10%. This led to the rise of Vietnam. This small country has beaten India to reach the Top 10, ranked 8th. Destinations like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have gradually become popular in graft tours.

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Thanks to luxurious hotels, Mauritius has risen to second place. Tourists are attracted to the sunny national park, botanical gardens, rum factory and Port of Louis - one of the world’s most famous culinary cities.

Thailand is in third place with classy experiences like a waterfall dinner at the Sajorin hotel.

Famous Sigiriya, with a height of 200 meters, in Sri Lanka is one of the famous attractions of the country, next to the lush hills and beautiful beaches. Sri Lanka is in fourth place.

Infinity pool, endless beach, beautiful scenery are indispensable elements in luxury resorts in Bali, contributing to making this place in the Top 5 of the list.

Italy is the only European country in the top 10. The southeastern region of Puglia is famous for travelers who love food, fine wine and warm sunny landscapes.

The United States ranks seventh in the list. Oregon, a city famous for its organic cuisine, craft breweries and famous wineries.

Vietnam ranks eighth thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, vibrant culture and exciting cities.

With the opening of the route to Antigua in June 2020 by Virgin Atlantic, the Caribbean island is expected to become an attractive destination this year. Antigua ranked 9th on the list of Kounio.

South Africa is in 10th place thanks to its amazing natural experiences. Pictured is a dinner at a tree house in Lion Sands, South Africa.

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