Most Interesting Destinations In Vietnam For Solo

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When planning a solo adventure, choosing which country to travel can be daunting. Do you pick somewhere that speaks English? That has a similar culture? Or where you like the breathtaking landscape? If you’re struggling to decide, fear not - Vietnam have the perfect destination in mind.

Why is Vietnam a worthy country to travel alone? 6 reasons below are the best answers for you.

Most Interesting Destinations In Vietnam For Solo
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1. It’s very safe

"One of the best things about travelling solo in Vietnam is that it is such a safe country for travel. I’ve been all over the country alone: I’ve walked around Ho Chi Minh City at night, hiked trails in the jungle, ridden a motorbike over Hai Van Pass, and taken night busses across the country.

Not once have I ever felt threatened, scared, or run into any dangerous situation. On the rare occasions I’ve needed help - like that time my bus left without me but with all my luggage onboard - there is always a friendly Vietnamese person nearby to give assistance. Of course, as with anywhere in the world, taking a few safety precautions, like not dangling your handbag off your arm, or getting drunk and wandering alone late at night, will go a long way!

– Jane.

2. Street food is a way of life

Street food is at the heart of Vietnam’s culture, with vendors selling local cuisine on almost every corner in cities such as Hanoi. So if the thought of eating alone in a restaurant is what puts you off solo travel, Vietnam could just be your ideal destination.

3. You can follow the tourist trail

Hanoi is one of the best places for solo travellers! The city is vibrant, people are friendly and northern Vietnamese cuisine is delectable! While you are in Hanoi, check out the preserved colonial buildings in the Old Quarter, the historical landmarks in the French Quarter and everything in between. And Hanoi is a great hub for travelling to other places in northern Vietnam. The easiest way is to book your excursions to Sapa and Halong Bay while you are in Hanoi.

– Queenie.

4. You’ll meet other travellers

I have travelled to Vietnam twice as a solo female traveller. When I first visited, I was a relatively inexperienced solo traveller and chose the country as a result of it being on the popular Southeast Asia backpacking trail. I genuinely believe that Vietnam is one of the best destination choices for travelling alone.

Since Vietnam is a popular travel destination, it is so easy to meet fellow travellers to make friends with and travel together. You are only alone if and when you want to be. With so many friendly faces around in the same boat as you, you will never feel unsafe. Vietnam is also well set up in terms of its tourism infrastructure – the public transport network is extensive and reliable. Services to major and off-the-beaten track destinations run frequently each day making it incredibly easy to get around.

– Melissa.

5. There’s plenty of activities

If there’s one thing you can guarantee as a solo traveller in Vietnam, it’s that you won’t be bored. Stretching for 1,650 kilometres from north to south, this country is packed with diverse landscapes, each of which offers a fantastic array of activities.

Whereas the lush mountains and terraced rice fields of Sapa make for excellent trekking, scenic Halong Bay offers cruises, kayaking and caving. Head to Nha Trang or Phu Quoc to relax by the beach or stick to the cities to see a traditional water puppet show or take a Vietnamese cooking class.

6. It’s affordable

Another reason why Vietnam is a popular solo traveller destination, or just a popular destination in general, is its affordability. One of our top budget destinations for 2019, Vietnam is a place that you can be sure won’t break the bank.

What are the best destinations for solo travellers in Vietnam?

Most Interesting Destinations In Vietnam For Solo 1
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Sapa is perfect choice to find a little peace for a solo traveler with the beautiful terrace rice fields, the simple villages inhabited by friendly and hospitable local people. For adventure lovers, many interesting activities are available here such as trekking, Fansipan climbing, etc … 

Specially, if possible, don’t forget to enjoy the stay at a nice homestay in Ta Van village - Tavan Eco Homestay, erfect place to enjoy quiet space with wonderful scenery.. In the early morning, the ambiance is covered by mist, which makes the atmosphere and landscape so poetic.

Find and choose a perfect trekking in Sapa itinerary at:


The cave system in Phong Nha is one of the biggest in the world. Only a few caves are open to visitors and if you want to do the 6-night trek, you’ll have to book far ahead. It will cost you, too. However, a one-day trek is worth the splurge and it’s a great way to see the caves and meet fellow travellers.

You can also take a boat trip into the beautiful Paradise Cave or visit the Dark Cave, where you zipline across the river to gain access and then wade in a pool of mud!

Most Interesting Destinations In Vietnam For Solo 2
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If you are interested in historic and ancient sites, Hanoi is the first point I would recommend. As the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi deserves to be spent at least 2 days by you. With a lot of attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, museums as well as delicious street foods, Hanoi is really an interesting destination to start up your journey in Vietnam. Additionally, this city is also the ideal place to meet up with other travelers and hang out or starting a new trip in Vietnam like Hanoi to Sapa, ...

You also can find a new cafe or shop on every block, and it just never gets old.


If you like beaches as well Con Dao islands might be of interest as well, as it isa former prison island, and the prisons are now musuems and rather interesting to visit. And the island is very nice anyway.

Packing tips for solo travel in Vietnam

So now that you’re ready to say “Yes!” to travelling alone in Vietnam, you’re going to need to know what to pack. Here’s what you’ll need to make the best of your Vietnam solo trip.

Pack as light as you can

This is my number one packing tip for any destination but it especially holds true for solo travel in Vietnam. Bring less (way less) than you think you’re going to need!

There is hardly anywhere in Vietnam where you can comfortably wheel a suitcase, so you’ll want to invest in a good backpack. Get one that is small and light enough so you can comfortably walk a couple of kilometres on rough terrain while wearing it.

Vietnam is such a great place to travel alone, that I hope these tips will help you in your upcoming trip!

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