More than 1 week wandering around North Vietnam: What Did I Do?

Nga Do
"If you get out of your comfort zone, you probably won't get anything, but if you don't do it, you definitely won't get anything." - A lesson I always try to memorize.

Overcoming my fear, I traveled solo to Northern Vietnam. This was probably my craziest decision of the time. Ok, got it! 😊

The biggest motivation for me to take the courage to make that trip was to yearn to see huge white clouds covering the top of the mountain, wandering among thousands of yellow terraced fields and experiencing the culture of ethnic minorities. A dream that has been burning in me for many years.

So, What have I been doing for more than 1 week? Stay tuned and scroll down to see.

Starting to make the trip more than a week in northern Vietnam, I chose Hanoi as a stopover and started with Hanoi to Sapa tour then to Ha Giang and finally to Ba Be Lake.

More than 1 week wandering around North Vietnam: What Did I Do?
Photo by Fansipan peak looking down

Conquering Fansipan peak in 2 days

Wishing to see the huge white clouds covering the top of the mountain, Fansipan peak in Sapa is the first place I think of. To save time I didn't choose to conquer Fansipan peak by climbing the mountain but instead by cable car experience. with this experience, in addition to the cable car, I also use the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train. It is really a process worth the money, Muong Hoa valley landscape appears under the magic truth, the surrounding space is constantly changing from fog, clear sky to clouds covering 4 surfaces.

Fansipan by cable car tour I choose:

More than 1 week wandering around North Vietnam: What Did I Do? 1
Terraced rice field in Sapa Lao Cai

Terraced rice fields - 2nd major cause of this trip

Northern Vietnam is famous for the paradise of terraced fields. The golden ribbon, winding around the green mountains has attracted many tourists including myself. I was fascinated by the beauty of it during the ripe rice season. Great, excellent and wonderfull!

Wandering around Sapa, passing through the villages of Ta Van and Giang Ta Chai immersed in the fragrance of ripe rice, interacting with ethnic minorities, Sapa is a place that attracts visitors. sure!

If the terraces in Sapa give me a fresh feeling, in Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang is a completely different space, surprised and like in heaven. The beauty of terraced fields in Ha Giang is endless, immense. Not surrounded by green mountains like Sapa, in Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang you will see unlimited beauty, standing on the terraced fields overlooking the endless space of the sky.

More than 1 week wandering around North Vietnam: What Did I Do? 2
Scenery around the Tavan Eco Homestay at Ta Van village, Sapa

A traditional bathing

I stayed night at an local family in Ta Van (Tavan Eco Homestay). I found a local house which offered Dzao bathing service. Secret herbs of the Dzao tribe were boiled with water and poured into a round wooden bathtub. They mixed it with cold water until it was warm enough. I sat on the tub, let the fragrant warm water caressing tired bodies. This special bathing is believed to improve your health and blood circulation. My body was more relaxing and enjoyable after soaking in the tub for 30 minutes.

Apart from these interesting experiences, famous landmarks are not to be missed such as Dong Van Plateau Global Geopark, Ba Be Lake (peaceful scenery, I like), ... Vietnam is great! An extremely interesting place, especially the northern minority, has left a strong impression on myself. They are friendly, enthusiastic and very funny!

A perfect trip than what I expected. You can also choose a journey to explore the north just like me. The best itinerary you can refer to:

TRAVEL IS LIFE! So, Get out of your comfort zone and follow your dream. You will never regret it!

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